Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our first day in our new home

Unpacking one of the suitcases this morning and Hannah decided it was a great place to play. She at first through this box would be fun too, but got stuck....
Unfortunately the girls were not well enough for us to go to church. We got quite concerned about Hannah coughing this morning though and so headed to the on-duty doctor in Amberley (40km away) just before lunch. He checked both Hannah and Ruth and it was good to know their chests were both clear and there was no sign of any infections (ears and throat). So we bought a roasted chicken from the 4-square (the local shop that is open in Amberley on Sundays - Hawarden and Waikari are closed on Sundays). So it was good to be able to eat as soon as we got home and then get the little two into bed. That then saw Brendon and I getting a lot of sorting and packing done. Brendon focused on the garage and I did a little bit everywhere. I moved most of the study / school room / play room boxes upstairs (Brendon had to do a couple that were just too heavy for me). Now we have to find space for all the stuff that are in those 20 boxes!!!
I also did some packing in the kitchen, lounge and bathroom. And the girls enjoyed some time outside in the afternoon. We new this wood shed was bigger than the one at the other house but we did not know it was this big. OK - the wood has also been stacked properly - so it takes up less space, but you can see there is even enough room for Brendon's ride-on lawnmower and Rachel's horse. :-) Rachel "found" their wooden horses again and has been having a ball outside. She even tucked some straw in between some of the wood so that she could lean her horse up there to eat. So already the girls are enjoying the new garden and have so much to explore.
It was Ruth's birthday today and this was the only photo I got of her through the day. I am glad she had a special day last Saturday to celebrate. She had wanted to go to Oranan Wildlife Park on her birthday and that was the plan. But because Hannah and her were so sick we have had to postpone.

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