Sunday, July 19, 2009

New home - first 24 hours

We feel so very blessed already and we have only been in this new home for 24 hours....
So let me share some of the blessing with you. This is the view from my kitchen window. WOW!!!
And just in case you did not see that majestic mountains in the background, here is a close up. Just so very beautiful.
I had so enjoyed the mountain range at the other home. Every time we went out we got to enjoy these stunning mountains and I thought I would really miss them because this new house is not in a valley like the other one was. Well, I had not had a good look around. What a replacement. These stunning mountains I can see every day all day.
And this is the view from the study - what I can see now as I sit at my desk. So yes, the mountain ranges are further away from us, but we get to enjoy them all day long. And the big open fields around us are also so beautiful.
Our new home is also so amazingly warm. I only got the fire going around 3pm on Saturday and by the early evening Brendon pointed out that our bedroom temperature was already 15. I don't think it every got above 10 in the other place and we had not even had the fire going for very long. When I put the girls down for their nap on Saturday afternoon - with NO fire going - their room was warm. Their room and the spare room face the sun (so are warmer than ours) and the sun that came in on Saturday afternoon warmed it up so wonderfully the fire was not even needed at that stage. The sun was so warm in the lounge that we had to close the lounge curtains because it was getting TOO HOT!!!! And we will have to get curtains for the kitchen because it is the same.
It is just so wonderful to have a house that is warm everywhere. There is no more putting a jacket on to go to another part of the house. This fireplace heats it all.
And even though the bathroom does not see the sun, the house is warm enough that the towels dried in the bathroom. At the other place we had to bring them to the fireplace every day to get them dry. There is a heater in this bathroom too but it is not even needed.
And talking about the bathroom - Brendon had a shower on our first night and SOOOO enjoyed it. He came through and said "That was a nice shower. That was a REALLY NICE shower". The shower at the old house was not usable in winter, so Brendon remembers now how much he enjoys a shower over a bath.
God is so wonderfully good in all that He has provided for us. We are so thankful and stand amazed at his perfect timing in it all. This house was only advertised the very day we started officially looking for another place. It was also only fixed up 18 months ago. So for those of you wondering - it was NOT available when we arrived in NZ. We are also so very thankful for the almost 2 years we spent in Dalmeny Road. One of the hardest things about moving was the thought of moving away from our neighbours. So I know, especially Rachel, will have friends there that will be friends for some time to come.


Fiona Macneil said...

WOW, that is stunning, can't wait to see the inside when everything is unpacked and in its place.

Linda Russell said...

Oh My!! What a view! All that space around you... that is a real blessing. Look forward to seeing photos of the home too. Happy unpacking :)

Nick and Lynn Clevely said...

I'm so pleased for you all - God has been so good and blessed you all in so many ways. Happy settling in...and just love the view from the kitchen, what a place to wash dishes and pray!