Sunday, December 16, 2018

St John camp

Friday 14th to Sunday 16th, Rachel and Hannah headed off to the St John Youth end of year camp. It was Hannah's first time sleeping in a tent, so she was a bit nervous. Thankfully the weather was good and she didn't have to deal with high winds (that would have been a bit too much stress).
I am grateful for these photos which were shared on their fb page. Otherwise I would not have had any from the weekend. It was lovely to spot Hannah in a few of them.

Beautiful area for walks.

Some activities in the park.
And right at the ocean. So there were many activities there - including surfing. Hannah borrowed a wet-suit to try it again, but did not have as much success as when they went for the lesson. Glad she gave it a go though as one of her fears is the ocean. So a great opportunity for her to face some of her fears.
Loads of learning and fun.

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