Saturday, December 15, 2018

3 prize givings

Sunday 9th Dec. Ruth having fun in meal prep again. Serving her guests outside this time.
Two very happy children.
They even got desert.
Monday 10th: Anastasia enjoying broccoli and pulling funny faces.

Tuesday 11th: Rachel's TeKura prize giving was in town this morning. She hasn't officially got her level 3 NCEA yet as she is still waiting for her external to be assessed. Her work through the year was still acknowledged though.
And she had the special privilege of being asked to read one of her poems from her Freedom's cost trilogy. She read "My Father's Son" and moved many people with it. Her English teacher from last year was so very pleased with her poems and so it was really special to have this opportunity to share one of them with this group today. Many people came up to Rachel afterwards and congratulated her on such an excellent and moving poem.
And this marks the end of Rachel's school career.
And another "final" was the St John Youth prize giving. Rachel ran it again this time. This will be her last prize giving as a St John Youth although she does still hope to help out in the years ahead. Moving onto St John Ambulance will be her main focus next year though (she can only start in April when she turns 18).
She was very surprised to receive the Girls 13 and over Cadet of the Year trophy. She has been helping so much with organizing that she sort of forgot that she was still a cadet. :-)
Her drill team also got acknowledged for their great results this year.
A very special evening.
And Rachel provided a huge cake for the supper afterwards (as another practice for the wedding cake next year). This was the bottom layer, so she needed an opportunity to make the normal (not GF) chocolate cake which was VERY big. Thankfully there were enough people to help polish it off. :-) It was also a great opportunity for me to learn and experiment with how to cut the cake (as I will be helping cut the wedding cake next year).
Thursday 13th: Final Assembly today where Ruth received two certificates. One MERIT for diligence in Mathematics and Technology - hard materials.
And the other was the Platinum Home Learning Challenge.

Well done Ruth.
Anastasia was due for a nap and thankfully managed to fall asleep in her buggy.
The first 3 classes give a certificate to each child. Asher got one for joining in games with peers and learning class routines.
Hezekiah got one for excellence in Mathematics, Science, Dance and Drama.

Friday 14th: Anastasia enjoying pulling funny faces again and making people laugh.
She loves watching the children outside on the trampoline (she can just see them from the lounge window). Ruth took her out for a jump today which she just loved.
Saturday 15th: Ruth helping Asher and Anastasia have some fun on the deck. It was so sweet watching Asher pushing Anastasia around. Great sharing Asher.

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