Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Guide Camp and walking

Saturday 3rd: A beautiful rainbow to enjoy today. It did make us wonder how Ruth's camp was going though.
I was able to get a few photos from different people from their camp. There were times it was very windy and wet. Here the girls are all out enjoying the wind.
Thankfully they did have enough space inside to get some activities done. Here they were doing a dance they had choreographed.

Wonderfully the weather didn't stop them from getting out to do some shooting practice. Such a beautiful area. This photo also gives you an idea of how far away the targets were (those small rectangles on that brown board). It was apparently around 25 yards away.
This was how well Ruth did!! I think it's amazing. I think just hitting the paper was a great achievement.
Sunday 4th: They had their final hose shoe with all the parents there before they left.
Ruth got a couple more badges.
The leader told me that Ruth did really well. She had a really difficult group with two of the girls just not wanting to do anything. Ruth was running her own camp for the first 24 hours, and they were a real challenge. The leader said she did really well though. They had a debrief afterwards and spoke about all the issues that came up. So at least Ruth comes away knowing she handled a hard situation very well. She didn't get as many activities done as she would have liked, but she learnt a lot.
I undid a large section of Ruth's hair this evening. She wanted me to take a photo of the contrast of the two sides.
Monday 5th: This little sausage loving eating her sausage.
She is finally getting some food down her throat. I think what makes these so nice for her is that they are firm enough for her to pick up pieces (holding the whole sausage was just for the photo). But once she has chewed it a couple of times, it's soft enough to swallow.

Tuesday 6th: A video below of Anastasia walking - before her 1st birthday. Clever little poppet. And a chatterbox already. :-)

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