Monday, September 3, 2018

Pancakes, jewellery and a reading challenge

Monday 27th: Asher had a 1 minute seizure at 1pm. She was on the toilet at the time, so a clear reminder that she does need to be watched ALL the time.
Tuesday 28th: Asher spent the day at home today as the teacher aide had training and the other backups where unfortunately not available. I had a meeting in Culverden, so it was nice to be able to just leave her at home with Rachel. It won't be long before that won't be an option anymore. Rachel is finishing up her high school work this year and will be looking for a full time job. She will only be 18 in April next year, so she has done really well in getting it done this quickly.
Ruth and Hannah were both involved with the 7-a-side tournament at school today. Both their teams did very well. Out of the 6 games each, their teams only lost 1 and Ruth's drew another. Great results and it sounded like a fun day.
Wednesday 29th: LEFT: It was so adorable seeing Anastasia and Asher crawling after the train this afternoon.
A wet day today, so Anastasia and I didn't get to join the walking group. Ruth missed school last Friday as she had a headache which got worse if she moved around. She felt like a cold may be starting on Sunday evening (both Rachel and Ruth started with a sore throat) and felt so blocked up today that she just spent the day resting at home.
Rachel hasn't made pancakes in ages, so it was a real treat for everyone when she made a huge batch this evening.
Thursday 30th: Ruth was very pleased to get her final certificate from Xtra Math. And on-line drill practice that her class has been working on. They only work on one operation at a time. Division is the last one, so she has gotten through them all now with 100%. Great job Ruth.
RIGHT: One of the boys in Asher's class was playing with this when we arrived. I was pleased to see that Asher waited for him to finish, and then had a few goes herself. She got the beanbags flying up nice and high too. It was a favourite activity at the Champion Centre, so it was great to see one in class too.
LEFT: I was a bit late in thinking about taking this photo of Asher pushing her buggy to the library this morning. As there is no school tomorrow, they went to the library today instead. It was sweet to hear (and see) this new tradition of hers. The buggy goes with anyway as it needs to be with encase of a seizure, and also as a backup if she gets restless (it can still be her safe place).  The added bonus is that it slows her down on the walk over (otherwise she tends to just run ahead). She is also quite adamant about pushing it herself and doesn't want any help at all.
RIGHT: And just look at this sweet munchkin. I smile every time I look at this photo. You can tell it got nice and warm today.
LEFT: Hannah climbed into bed with a book as soon as she got home from school today. It is such a blessing to see her enjoying reading so much. She had a hard start on her reading journey, and so it is very special to see her having overcome those struggles and enjoying reading so much now.
Who said males can't multi-task? Hezekiah has been working very diligently on Reading Eggs lessons over the last month, and today decided to carry on with the interactive story he was reading on the mini, while getting the next lesson done. :-)
Friday 31st: It was a teacher's only day at school today, so the children were all home and keeping themselves busy. Ruth made a necklace for Hezekiah's friend who is having a party on Sunday. Such a lovely one.
Hezekiah was a bit upset when Ruth tried to hold it around his neck before it was finished (to check the size) and so it slipped out of her hand and she had to re-do it. Hezekiah felt really bad and so decided he had better buy the necklace from her instead of her just making it for him. I thought it was really nice of him to be willing to use his own money to buy the gift - and also as a way of thanking Ruth for her efforts.
RIGHT: Ruth is really enjoying her blue tooth earphones. She has been diligently creating as many jewellery items as possible for a market on Sunday.
LEFT: Ruth was dancing with Anastasia and Asher wanted to join in. Such a fun photo. Such a great big sister.
RIGHT: Ruth and I spotted the magnificent colours in the sky as the sun went down this evening. So we quickly ran out to try and get a photo of it. Unfortunately the lens of my camera is no where near as good as our eyes and so this picture doesn't do it justice. It was amazing.
Saturday 1st: No children photo yet as Rachel is away at a camp this weekend.
It's a leadership training camp that a lot of the CEF leaders are attending. The trainers are over from Australia. It's great that these young people who are always giving at the CEF camps have an opportunity to be spiritually fed and encouraged.
LEFT: Our HUGE dot-to-dot book arrived today. Ruth didn't waist time to get started on one.
RIGHT: She also made this lovely green necklace today. She doesn't like green herself, so it was good that she could work with them as someone else might love it. I have numbered the photos and am trying to help her sell them on a local buy sell fb group. The market on Sunday was unfortunately very wet and so not well attended. She only sold $7 worth of jewellery. So I've listed them on-line and am just hoping she can get a few more sold for all her hard work.
LEFT: Giving Anastasia some walking practice.
RIGHT: Brendon had to finish up his sermon prep this evening, and so we closed the door from the dinning room (where he was working) to the lounge (where the children were watching TV). Anakin spotted his reflection in the glass and kept scratching it. It was so funny to have Anastasia on this side watching him. We opened the door and he wasn't interested in coming through. Just wanted to scratch that other cat. :-)
Sunday 2nd: Father's Day today, so Brendon got a couple of chocolate presents this morning. :-)
The family was spread out this morning though with Rachel at camp, Ruth at the market and Asher spending the morning with Rachiel (her teacher aide). So it was just 5 of us to church this morning, which felt like such a small family. :-)

Monday 3rd: I forgot to get the children photo once everyone was home yesterday afternoon, so I was pleased to get this one before bible study this afternoon. The challenge now is to keep Anastasia sitting still - as she kept trying to crawl forward.
Hezekiah has worked so diligently over the last month, doing either 4 or 5 lessons every day. Today was his last day and he finished up lesson number 120!
So that means he raised $120 for children's medical equipment.
Great effort Hezekiah. Well done.

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