Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Safe travels, my dearest friend

Sunday 21st: On our way home from Hanmer we stopped in Culverden for Fish and Chips. Debbie decided she had better get some photos with everyone before her week with us was finished.

It was fun looking at these photos on Debbie's phone as they were "live photos" with a couple of seconds of recording. This one was especially fun.

We didn't risk taking Asher out her high chair (as she will then just run out).

BELOW: And I got these photos of Anastasia.

We decided to drive past our first rental to show Debbie. The garden has changed a lot and it's a lot more open to the road now.
Monday 22nd: Hannah had the job of rocking Anastasia back to sleep when she woke early from her nap today. It's so nice having a rocking chair.

We are very excited about our new lounge furniture. Nana gave us money for it and we were so very pleased with the amazing bargain we got. It was "old" stock that they needed to get moved out for the new stock that is coming in. So we got it marked down to a 1/3 of the normal price.
Ruth and Asher enjoying the footrest of the rocking chair.

BELOW: Our first group photo on the main lounge suit - we had specifically looked at getting a corner unit. So no more squished monthly children's photos. :-)
Three of these chairs also have footrests, and two of them have vibration (and even heating for winter). Unfortunately they had the wrong plugs on, and so we had to wait for the replacements for a couple of days and Debbie missed out on enjoying them.

It has been so special having Debbie here with us. It will be a special memory for the rest of my life.

A discussion came up again about Rachel getting taller than me. She may very well eventually be taller than me, but for now I am still just a tiny bit taller. The book test proving it to her.

Asher had a seizure this morning at 11am. She ran to me just before it started - so she knew this one was coming. Poor girl. She went very blue with it too. I'm so thankful it was short.
Tuesday 23rd: And Debbie's last day with us. How very sad.
Asher went through to her room this morning and it was so sweet to hear her laughing and playing with Debbie.
And some more playing this afternoon.
We missed getting a photo of the two of us on Sunday, so I made sure we got one this afternoon. I will miss you so much my friend. I
Debbie getting as many cuddles as she can before she leaves.

In the afternoon Brendon took the children to the pool. Unfortunately Asher had a seizure at the pool again - even with her polarized goggles on. After the successful swim at Hanmer we were hoping this was the easy answer. But it was not to be.
Ruth and Anastasia just "chilling". So sweet with her arm resting on the arm rest like that.
And then Brendon took Debbie to the airport for her 8pm flight. Ruth would have loved to go with again, but was just too late a night for her.
And then Debbie flew back to South Africa on the Sunday. Her sister-in-law took these photos of her plane.
Goodbye my dearest friend. It was such an amazing blessing to have you stay with us this week. I cherish our friendship and am so very thankful we were able to have so much time together - face to face.

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