Saturday, November 25, 2017

Smile, shave, sing and play

Wed 22nd: Such a cutie. Sleeping so peacefully and so cute with that little hand.

Last night Asher had a seizure at 9:15. She had sat up and so Brendon and I were both with her. She looked postictal (like she had already had a seizure) but while we were trying to comfort her the seizure started. Thankfully she could get to sleep not long after it and had a quiet night further.

I'm thankful things were not too bad over the time that I was away. Rachel only had to deal with 1 seizure on her own. She is more than capable, but it's not pleasant to be on your own.
Getting a nice bath today with Mum. The children always find this far more enjoyable than being bathed in a baby bath.
So typical having her turn her head to put her ear in the water. They listened to things through water for 9 months - so it must be so very familiar.
Skin looking so healthy and such a lovely pink. It was also nice to have the cord off by 5 days. Hezekiah kept asking "is the cord off yet".
Rachel, Brendon and I am sure we have already seen really little smiles (not just windy ones).

Although this one was very cute - it was most likely caused by wind. :-)
Thursday 23rd: Brendon and Hezekiah have been needing hair cuts for a while. It was good to finally get that done today. Asher just loves touching Brendon's head when it's just been shaved.
So enjoying the feel of it.
She had another seizure this evening at 9:30. Poor girl.
Friday 24th: Brendon and I went to assembly today with Asher and Anastasia. A teacher came up to me and told me how Hannah had said I would be there, but she didn't think I would with Anastasia being so young. So Hannah missed out on doing a more leading part (they keep that for someone who has a parent at assembly). The teacher was very apologetic.
Hannah still did a great job in her part of the song. She is so expressive. And it was perfectly suitable to the words of the song. Well done Hannah.
And well done to Hezekiah for getting a certificate.
For Excellence on Athletics Day.
2nd in 80m running,
2nd in 50m running,
1st in high jump and
2nd in ball throw.

Well done Hezekiah.
Saturday 25th: Hezekiah created this plane with the help of Ruth. He had fun making it but even more fun playing with it.

After assembly yesterday Brendon headed down to Farley for a Karate camp. The camp went till Sunday lunch time but he will travel back after the training sessions this afternoon. So he got the full day there today. They are doing assessments on Sunday and he has been told he can't grade again (as he has jumped belts every time he has graded) so it wasn't really worth staying through Sunday.
I'm glad he got to go, but am also glad it was only for the one night.
And then we enjoyed a bit of music this afternoon. Anastasia slept through it all too.

Asher had a seizure this afternoon at 5:45. And then she had a really bad day on Sunday. I'll leave that for it's own post.

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