Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy 9th Birthday Hannah

While Josie was here this morning watching Asher, I managed to get Hannah's cake done. She had wanted "fairy wings" so I got an idea of google, and then created this. Rachel saw it with the flowers on and thought it looked great. Then she went out to do something and I got all the silver balls on. When she came back she was amazed. It looked fine before, but the little bit extra a big effect.
We had planned to bring the cake just before lunch (not morning tea as that would not give me enough time). So Hannah hadn't seen it at all. She was thrilled with it.
The kids all remembered her cake from last year, so they were excited to see this years one. Although so very different to last year, I did hear some lovely comments.
Photo out of focus - but probably a good thing as then I don't need to worry about privacy issues - you can't really see their faces well anyway. :-)
One boy asked if I could do a tractor. I said yes, but that I only do cakes for my children.
I honestly don't really like making cakes in many ways. It's far too stressful for me as I always want everything to be perfect (and it never is). I do love making cakes for my children though. It's my special gift to them. With all my love and with all my heart.
Money can't buy that. ;-)
And although we don't really do "parties", it was nice for Hannah to have 4 friends come over for a visit after school today (2 sets of sisters).
The off cuts of the wings had been wrapped in some extra icing (with some extra flowers) and so they enjoyed a bit more cake this afternoon too.
Hezekiah was being a bit excluded, so Brendon suggested he get a water gun and wet the girls. They got into the game very quickly and decided to rather get their togs on. Then the sprinkler was on and they had a great time.
Then dressed warmly and inside for a bit of a movie (while they had dinner) and then some games.
A nice special afternoon for Hannah.
I finally remembered to take a photo of our lovely apple tree this morning. There are SO many on the ground already. Many do have worms, but the children often go out and look for a good one to eat. Rachel especially likes eating them freshly picked. We do need to get all the good ones in soon though, as the birds are enjoying them too.
Ruth got some picked this evening as she wanted to choose 3 for an entry into the show. She only got her Home Learning Challenge book on Thursday, and when she looked though it today she saw that one option was to have 5 entries in the show. She had one that she had done at school, so quickly decided on 4 more.
She did an arrangement in a boot, 3 apples (2 entries for this one - smaller apples from the tree on the other side of the house). She also made a kiwi bird out of a sweetpotato (animal or bird out of veg) and then just needed to get an "abstract" arrangement done in the morning. Entries need to be at the hall by 9:15, so she has a bit of time to finish up in the morning.
I wanted to take a photo, so she decided to entertain us at the same time. Our clown. :-)
Rachel spotted this praying mantis on the kitchen window this evening, so quickly took this photo. Lovely detail.
Big day tomorrow with Hannah's actual birthday and the Hawarden show, so I will leave those photos for the next post. :-)

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