Sunday, February 26, 2017

Assembly and assemble

Thursday is usually really low of photos. Rachel works in the morning and then I head off to dance in the afternoon with the older 3 girls. At least it starts a bit later this year. And with Ruth and Rachel getting private lessons, they get done at the same time - so that's helpful too.
Friday 24th: If anyone cuts their nails, Asher will hear the first clip and fetches the clippers to do her own nails. :-) She doesn't really cut them, but knows how the clippers work.
I headed up to assembly this afternoon.
Above - Ruth showing the coat of arms she designed. I really love what she created.
Left: Hannah receiving a certificate today.
It says: For showing thought, effort and enthusiasm in all your work, especially your writing, maths and drawing.
Well done Hannah.
It was a really hot day again and I was looking forward to heading to the pool once Brendon got home. Unfortunately he had a bad fall at work and his knee was really swollen and sore. So I ended up going up with Ruth, Hannah and Hezekiah. The girls helped keep an eye on Hezekiah so that I could get a number of lengths swum. It was great to do some of my old training. The only negative was the gross feeling of all the chlorine stuck in my hair afterwards. I couldn't wait to get it washed out. Yuck!
Asher enjoying the new drums we were given. So nice to hear her enjoying them.
At 6 Brendon headed off with the older 3 girls to a Thinking Matters presentation in town. When Brooke came over for a play, I was pleased when she didn't mind staying to play with Hezekiah. They had a great time outside on the bikes and then also joined Asher and I with some ball throwing on the deck.
Asher has such a frustrating little routine going. She would catch the ball, throw it back to me, and then take her boots off. Then the boots go back on and the cycle repeats. Over and over again.
Eventually we managed to break the routine a bit when Brooke and Hezekiah came to play catch too. So we had a nice game going passing the ball around. It was also handy having Brooke around when I needed to prepare Asher's dinner. Asher could just continue playing on the deck while I got it all measured out.

Hezekiah showing me his new trick.
And already managing to ride with one hand. Good job Hezekiah.

Saturday 25th: Not a great way to start the day, as Asher had a 1 1/2 minute Tonic Clonic at 6:15. Thankfully she had a sleep afterwards and woke up fine and ready for the day.
One of the jobs I had on Monday in town with the girls, was fetching the new filters for our water filter system.
Brendon got to change them today. This was the colour change in a year. I believe people in Amberley have theirs looking black. I'm thankfully the water isn't that bad here.
Right: The other filter looks rather grimy. We didn't want to open the new one to compare though. Some of the family had started to taste a difference in the water, so it was good to get them replaced.
Hezekiah being a great helper.
Ball games with Dad and Hezekiah this evening.
Sunday 26th: Ruth decided she wanted to build a puzzle. She can't tackle a very big one as we don't have space in the house (and she doesn't want to build out in her room). So she contented herself with this 221 piece one.
I spent the afternoon doing a lot of food prep and experimenting with menus for Asher. Ruth was a great help. She enjoyed being able to use the scale. Here she is measuring out 1g of baking powder.
I will leave all of Asher's menu details for a separate post.

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