Thursday, January 12, 2017

A book sort begins plus music and water fun

Wednesday 11th: Ruth did another check in at the library today and she got this water pump as her reward. Her and Hezekiah played outside for a while with his water gun and then Hezekiah stayed out with her pump and watered plants with it. :-)
With Arianna working through each room so thoroughly, I decided we had better have a head start on sorting that massive book shelf in the lounge. So I got Ruth, Rachel and Brendon to help me this afternoon and we got 2 boxes of books ready to go out.
We will have to keep plugging away at it though as there is a lot to go through. Many books will just never be read again - so out they go. So this is the Before photo (even though there is already 2 boxes worth of books off the shelf).
The children are learning "Are you sleeping Brother John" in a number of different languages. We had loads of singing at the table this evening though.
The children sang the NZ National Anthem for Arianna, and then she sang her Mexican one for us. Then they all sang together so I could take a photo. :-)
Ruth wanted to see if she could work out the guitar chords for their school song. She had already worked out a different maori song that they sing at school (Hurunui e). It's so nice listening to her and seeing what she can do.
Hannah had a postal bible study left to do. She doesn't like reading them herself, so she asked Arianna to read with her. Arianna didn't just read it all though, they took turns reading.
The one box on my bedroom floor was a whole collection of preschool Correspondence school things. I sorted it out into what I thought we could use again, and then things that I can just give away. I was thrilled to find this 16 piece puzzle in a frame. Asher does like having a frame and I have been really impressed with the fact that she accepted this new puzzle so quickly. She has added it to her other more complicated puzzles (the Dora & Diego 9 pieces and the library 12 piece).
Today Arianna cleaned the big laundry cupboard. Thankfully I had done a good sort of this one in July when Vanielle was here - so it didn't take too long. Then she did the laundry which is also our pantry. It took a lot longer than she thought it would - but it looked so good afterwards. My washing machine looks brand new it's so clean. She also worked on the entrance. Thankfully Brendon had gotten rid of all the cobwebs just a week or so ago - so it was a much easier job than what he had. It looks really good now and I have even noticed that the children have finally started using the shelf for their shoes. :-)
Thursday 12th: Arianna started in the kitchen today and so I was kept busy sorting things out (and clearing out). She managed to get half of the kitchen done, but that included giving the fridge a complete clean (not a small job). I suggested leaving the other half of the cupboards for another day. I knew how big a job it would be for me. :-)
One of the items I found in the correspondence stuff was with dinosaur cut-outs. So Hezekiah had great fun today cutting those out.
In the afternoon Arianna had loads of fun with the children outside with a water fight. There was so much laughing that I eventually headed out with my camera.
They were eventually drenched and headed to the house for a change of clothes (and game).
While Asher was having fun on the deck they joined in. Arianna started this game where they were singing a song and counting (in Spanish) all the items that they were going around. They started with one and ended up with 10 I think. It got quite funny.
Once the little ones were in bed it was time to introduce Arianna to Dutch Blitz. She caught on really quickly.

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