Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ginger houses and Yahtzee fun

Wed 28th: Another game from the Special Needs Library. Teachable Touchables. I started by having half of them in the bag and then showing Asher one and asking her to find the "same" one in the bag. She eventually got the idea of putting her hand in to feel for it (without looking). Afterwards she just had fun sorting them into their pairs.
Ruth showed Hannah and Hezekiah how to make their own "God's eye" craft.
Thanks Ruth.
As soon as Dad got home, Ruth and I headed off to get some shopping done. With so many public holidays we needed to stock up a bit. We had a nice time chatting on the trip there and back and I enjoyed having the company while shopping too.
This evening we taught the children how to play Yahtzee. Dad's having a great week as he was the only one to get Yahtzee this evening and won the game.
Cuddle time with the kittens before bed.

Thursday 29th: Asher spinning the beads for the kittens.
A little late, but Ruth finally got to use the things her guide leader sent her to make a ginger bread house. While we were at the shop, Ruth suggested buying a packet of GF ginger biscuits to use (instead of trying to make our own gluten free ginger bread). I had thought of this myself, but was pleased she had come to that point herself too. I had been looking at recipes through the day, but wasn't wonderfully motivated to experiment with it. So today she got started on them. As the biscuits are quite small, she went for making two small houses.
I think she did a great job.
She was excited about sharing them with the family for afternoon tea.
It was rather chilly out this afternoon, but Asher was still keen to have some time on her bike.

Ruth decided to entertain us at dinner time. She had us all laughing so much.
Another round of Yahtzee tonight. Ruth got the first Yahtzee - so I took a photo to commemorate. It was her Christmas present - so she was so pleased to finally get one. And then they kept coming. I got 3, Ruth and Rachel got 2 each and Dad got another one. 8 Yahtzees in one game - it was worth keeping a copy of the score sheet. :-)

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