Monday, October 3, 2016

School house cake

I often try to take a few photos through the process of making interesting cakes, as I know I have benefited from others sharing their "how to" stories.
One thing I had to look up was ideas on how to create the shape. I went for 6 loaves, using the top 2 as the roof. Just cut from the middle of one width to the corner and that bit you cut off will fit perfectly on top.
Also - trim all your loaves so that they are nice and straight.
Roll and cut fondant for the walls. I can't really do the math for you, as each cake will be a different size. I made these wall pieces 1,5cm wide. My advice would be to make them a good 2cm longer than you need. I added 1cm on to the length of the house (and roof) and it was not enough.
With these at 1,5cm wide, I had a 10cm high wall and so I made 10 pieces (so that I had enough to overlap). I had a couple extra - which is better than being short. :-)
Use butter icing to "glue" your cake pieces together.

Above: Varying lengths for walls.
Right: Roof pieces cut a bit wider - 2cm each. I then used my cutter to mark them - giving the look of tiles.
And then glue it all together with butter icing. Start at the bottom and add the bits of fondant as you move up, making sure they overlap a bit (take this into account when you work out how many pieces you cut).
I wasn't happy with the roof, so I used some cocoa in water as paint and added some texture.
I painted it on with a brush and then used my finger to create the right look.
Then painted the rest of the brown. We had to make these "down pipes" as my roof was that little bit too small. It ended up giving it a nice finish though.
Ruth helped mix some light blue fondant and she cut those to the size I asked (about 2cm square). I then cut the holes out of the walls and inserted the little square of blue. I used an icing pen to draw the details on the windows (and the door - although it was too dark to see).
Ruth also made the nice "School" sign. I used the same icing pen to write School and "glued" it on with butter icing. Ruth used some of the extra fondant to create some flowers.
One happy little boy - ready for school. I had asked Hezekiah what he wanted for his cake this year, and he said "a school because I will be starting school". I think it was a very good idea. :-)

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