Monday, July 11, 2016

Barn Dance fun and games begun

Saturday 9 July: Parent child outings done a bit differently today. We joined up and went together to the Barn Dance that our Church's Youth organised. With over 160 attending it was a huge success and so much fun.
Special memories made.
With Rachel having an injured ankle, she was not able to enjoy this evening with us. So she stayed home with Hezekiah and Asher. I was really grateful for her good attitude about it all. It was really sad that she could not join in. She made the most of it though and had loads of fun with Asher and Hezekiah. So the hour before they went to bed went really quickly.
Then she got to enjoy watching Lord of the Rings. So at least it was an enjoyable evening for her too. :-)
And a great opportunity to introduce Vanille to something different.
Ruth took a couple of photos of Brendon and I.
It was a really fun night out.
Posing for some photos.
Hannah really into this.
Then the camera got put away and the dancing got going. Lots of laughs and loads of fun.
We only got home after 11pm and it was down to -2.
Sunday 10th: Vanille stayed at home this morning to chat to her mother on Skype while we were out at church.
This evening Hannah taught Vanille how to play chess. This was the start of many different games between Hannah and Vanille.
Tickle time with Dad for the youngest two.
Monday 11th: Asher had stopped eating but when she saw Vanille sitting down to have her breakfast, she headed over and climbed up onto her lap and pulled her plate over. Such a cutie.
Asher has found a new "toy". These shapes and teddies have been in Hezekiah's room for a while and she just recently discovered them. She can sit and play with them for ages. Sorting and packing.
I managed to get out for a walk once Asher was in bed. What a beautiful day. Unfortunately my knee wasn't too happy about the half hour walk, but ice and heat in the evening sorted it out.
Hannah was really fast with getting her 4 square colouring in competition entry done. So she already had her bottle of water today (which they get when they submit the entry - our kids not even asking if they can have one of the fizzy drinks).
In the afternoon I had to take Rachel in for an orthodontist appointment. She got coloured bands for the first time (and I forgot to get a photo).
While we were out Asher had a 10 minute seizure. I'm glad it was only after Brendon had gotten home so that Vanille didn't have to be the adult responsible when it happened. It was the first seizure that she has ever seen. Again it started as just a vacant (and Ruth was really good to notice when it started) and then around 6 minute in, as Brendon had given her medication, it changed to a Tonic Clonic. A big different to normal though as it was not as rhythmical as they normally are. She also had a lot of face twitching during the vacant part. Poor little girl to have another longer one so close after the last one. Thankfully again she did breath well through it.
This evening Rachel brought Bang out again to show Vanille. A bit too complicated a game though. Vanille said that if the girls play it regularly over the next couple of months (so that the others really know how to play it) then she may get to play it again with them some time if she visits us again in a few months time. She only just arrived in NZ a month ago and plans to stay for a full year.

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