Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Art in term 1

With all the artwork that is being created, I thought it would be a good idea to take photos and post them on here so that we can "keep" them (without needing a huge box of the originals).

The first few are Asher's creations at Champion Centre through Term 1.

This one is 24 Feb. At this stage all Asher would paint was lines down.
30 March. Emma (Playroom Specialist) showed Asher how to put the paint onto her hands and make hand prints.
Some more hand prints from the same day.
I don't have a date for this one.
With Jackie (Early Intervention Teacher) she loves drawing to the song "wheels on the bus". For a while it was just circles with the "wheels".
Here you can see her improvement - including the doors going open and shut (she uses a crayon in each hand - not that clear on this one), the wipers and the children going up and down.
Hezekiah had some lovely autumn work come home from preschool.
Fun using a leave under the paper to get the texture. He pushed a bit hard on the first one, so the teacher helped him with the next one.
He is really coming on with writing his name.
With Ruth having a trial at "school" in term 2, she decided to make the most of the art supplies at Champion Centre this term. At this stage she comes with every week so that she can watch Asher in the back while we drive.

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