Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Cutlery and kitten cuddles

Sunday 28 Feb: Brendon and Ruth got to paint rust primer on the rusty areas of the container today.
Fun with Dad this evening.
Ruth using the door frame to hold her split (with Dad having fun behind her).

Monday 29th: Little Miss enjoying using Shadow as her pillow. I so enjoy watching these two together.
Tuesday 1st March:
Asher has been unpacking the cutlery for a long time now and over the last couple of days she has decided she wants to unpack everything on the bottom too (although she would do the top tray if I let her - she just needs to get a bit taller).
Hezekiah enjoying the hammock we were given.
Hannah was very pleased to have earned a smile token today. Well done Hannah.

Oh dear - she is getting too clever. Thankfully she can't quite unlock the door yet.
Wednesday 2nd March: Fun at Champion Centre today. She loves packing and unpacking the cutlery in the play room, so the play room specialist has been getting her to use the utensils with a whole variety of different activities. Today it was a foamy gloop.
Ruth had a busy time today making this fun character and making a poster for their Gold Koru Party at Guides this afternoon.

Little Miss cuddled up with Hannah at bedtime today.

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