Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday Asher

On Sunday afternoon we had an early celebration for Asher's birthday (which is on Tuesday).
Trying to get all of them to smile.
Hannah copied the funny face that Dad was making behind me. Such a fun photo.
Rachel and Ruth holding Asher's hands so that she didn't grab Humpty. She just loves Humpty Dumpty and it was wonderful seeing her reaction when she saw the cake.
Trying to blow the candles out. Thankfully Hannah and Dad helped. She understand blowing, but often puts her face right into things (like putting her forehead onto a flower - rather than just having her nose close to smell).
I made two loaf sized cakes on Sunday and popped one in the freezer so that we could do a 2nd wall on Tuesday afternoon for Champion Centre on Wednesday morning. It was nice to get a 2nd chance at the wall. I felt I did a much better job of "drawing" the bricks. We also had a bit of extra time to create some yellow flowers. Ruth was my flower maker.
And I had fun creating a little arrangement at the candles. I was really pleased with how much those little things added to the whole picture.
I especially liked how Humpty Dumpty's legs and arms worked out.
It was lovely that we had this "2 cake" week as Humpty sat in the kitchen between Sunday and Wednesday morning and Asher just loved looking at him. Every time she came into the kitchen she would look at him and say "Hu" (for Humpty) and look at me with a big smile.
Morning tea time at Champion Centre today was birthday cake time.
They sang Happy birthday in English and then in Maori (as there was a Maori family there as well today).
Blowing the candles didn't go much better today (that forehead getting a bit close again).
It was lovely to be able to celebrate with everyone at Champion Centre today. And there was enough cake that the rest of the staff got to enjoy some too.

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