Saturday, November 7, 2015

Smiles, a tutu and candles

Sunday 1 November. Fun time together and a great photo of them.

Below: Monday 2 November. Monthly children photo time again.

Left: I bought 3 shape puzzles and it's been fun to watch the older children playing with them too. At this stage Asher and Hezekiah only play with the square one - but Ruth and Hannah have a great time with the other two (their pieces interchange).
Right: Ruth experimented with frying up some chick peas.
Encouraging Asher to spend some "cuddle" time with Shadow. And also helping Shadow get used to having Asher's head by her tummy. Epilepsy assist dogs are trained to "protect the head" by getting their body to the head of the person having a seizure - specifically when they are on a hard ground (like the road).
I had to smile when I saw how Hezekiah had set up the teddies and the car to share the chips with him.
Puss enjoying a sunny spot for a nap.
Tuesday 3rd: This morning Rachel and I headed into town for a teeth focused morning. First she had an appointment at the dentist for her first yearly checkup outside the school dental nurse's services. Now that she is a teenager, she goes to a "normal" dentist. Thankfully these are still free till she is 18. Rachel gets really nervous about anything about her teeth, so we were really pleased with this recommendation. The dentist was lovely. She helped Rachel relax by chatting with her first. And then the checkup went well - with no problems.
A picture they gave Rachel to help explain it all.
Then we headed off to her first orthodontist appointment. The dental nurse had suggested she see an orthodontist over a year ago - but Rachel was not ready for even considering it.
Over the year the idea has become a bit more tolerable though and so a couple of months back she said she had decided that she should get them. She was rather nervous about it all, but all the people were really friendly and explained everything so well. Rachel is mentally ready now, so we didn't delay things too much and got all the moulds done today and she will get them on in just 2 weeks time.
Rachel and I also really enjoyed the morning together. We got loads of time to chat about so many things. So the morning was a blessing in so many ways and I thank the Lord for that.
Rachel was so excited about checking dance costumes for the concert at practice in the afternoon. RIGHT: This is the one for their group dance. It looks so good with them all "floating" across the stage.
Her solo one needed a bit of work. The gold didn't fit onto the tutu properly, so I had a think and came up with a plan. Thankfully there were 2 layers, so I cut slits alternatively in the two layers and then tacked them down onto the tutu.

We were so pleased that it worked. The cold does look so lovely.
Wednesday 4th: It was so cute to have Hezekiah sitting and helping Asher with blowing her food. Such a good big brother.

The container arrived today. I put all those photos in a separate post.
Friday 6th: Asher doesn't manage to sit through the group music session. So to try and help her, we have tried using a bean bag for her to sit in, and putting a weighted blanket on her. Sometimes it does seem to help, but she still doesn't make it through the whole session.
Having some fun with the physio. :-)
Hannah has been coming with more lately. She enjoys coming with as there is a volunteer who helps look after younger siblings who are with, and Hannah become like her little helper.
Saturday 7th: Asher does enjoy playing with sand and stones.

Ruth has been interested in candle making for a long time now, so it worked out well that this weekend was our time to do something together. We headed off to the Leithfield street fair and make a couple of dipped candles. We had a fun morning together.
We both decided to go for purple and pink.

Fun memories.
Ruth has decided she wants to earn a bit of money, so she has a price list up with different massages that she is offering. We got to enjoy foot massages this evening.

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