Friday, November 13, 2015

4 seizures in 6 days

On Sunday evening (8th) at 6pm, Asher had a 1 minute vacant seizure while in the shower with Brendon. I often stay in the bathroom, but this time I had to help one of the other girls with something. So I was very thankful that I clearly heard Brendon's call of "Asher" and could run there quickly. She had been playing with her toys (as she loves to do) but went very quiet. Brendon checked her and she was already blue. So we were very thankful that it didn't last long.
And then at 7pm she had a 1 minute Tonic Clonic seizure. As she hadn't slept after the previous one, I was wondering if another one was coming.
Ruth took these photos after the 7pm seizure. It's lovely to have Shadow so comfortable with being close to her through the seizures and then afterwards. She lies there so quietly, with a few licks at times.
I took this photo on Sunday evening to remind me of all the washing I had to do (and this was after I had already done a big load).
While I was out at Shadow's training this morning, Brendon had put the washing on. For some strange reason, the outlet pipe just came off. Thankfully Ruth walked past and noticed the water, so they got onto it really quickly. They used every towel and sheet (and pillow case) that they could find. So it was a busy afternoon of moving things and making sure we had dried up as much as we could on the vinyl floor. The carpet was not as wet as the last flood - and thankfully it dried out quite quickly.
We also had to quickly get a new wash line put up as the previous one was attached to the tree we took down for the arrival of the container.
Wed 11th: When I tell Asher it's time for us to go on our walk, she gets her socks and shoes and puts them on while I get mine on. She is really good at it too.
Shadow waits with anticipation too. She knows what's coming. :-) I throw the ball for her a few times while I get Asher into her pram. It's our morning routine and I know these two just love it.
Thursday 12th: Our journalist neighbour had asked if she could come and "interview" me about Shadow. The article ended up on the front page today. That was a surprise. I am glad we are able to help people learn a bit about Epilepsy assist dogs. They are officially only available to people over 14 years old. Having spoken to the head trainer of the Epilepsy Assist Dog Trust a few times, I have learnt about how life changing these dogs have been in so many lives.
This evening at 7:15, Asher had a 15 minute vacant seizure. Rachel and Ruth are really good and helping to get the iPod timer on, so that we can track the length. This photo was taken just after 4 minutes.
Not long after this we gave her a dose of her extra meds for these longer ones. She ended up getting a 2nd dose at 13 minutes. It's been a good month and a half since we have had to use the medication for a longer one. It's always a challenge to deal with the side effects and this evening Brendon was such a help with this. I had wanted to work on Ruth's hair, so he let me continue with that and he sat with Asher. It was her bed time, so he sat next to her bed and just kept helping her get to sleep. The drugs tend to keep her from sleeping and she looks a bit "drunk" from them. So it was good to know she wouldn't fall off her bed every time she tried to get up.
Friday 13th: We didn't attend Champion Centre this morning as they were doing IP's (Individual Plans) for some of the other children and it takes up the whole morning. This afternoon the children enjoyed meeting the new little black lamb next door.
The only problem is that it's bleeting kept tempting Shadow to go to it - and she found a new weakness in the fence and got through a few times before we located the problem and fixed it.

Ruth enjoyed taking photos of the grass. It is very pretty.
Hannah just worries all the time that the lamb is hungry.
At 5 Asher was outside with Brendon and she was just walking up the steps to our deck when she had a 1 minute Tonic Clonic seizure. She fell forward and hit the next step. I only noticed the big bump on her head a couple of hours later (after her post seizure sleep).
Thankfully she didn't seem to worried about it. It made me a bit emotional though.
She again went very blue with this seizures, so we were very thankful that it stopped so quickly.
Hezekiah enjoying some "school work" before bed on Friday night. :-)

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