Saturday, August 15, 2015

Singing, seizure, teaching and tactile

Monday 10th. We often see Asher watching a bit of The Wiggles like this. They must look good upside down. :-)
Ruth worked hard to get the photo on the right. Asher does love this song on her "Look at me, I'm moving" dvd. They get their fingers right behind their backs and then count "one, two, three, show me" and their hands come out. I love how she is on her toes too. A little ballerina in the making. She loves dancing around with Rachel while she practices for her ballet exam - with a big smile on her face.
Tuesday 11th at 7:20am Asher had a 2 minute Tonic Clonic seizure. She was just walking across the lounge when she screamed and fell forward. It's always a bit emotional for me when that scream happens at the start. She went very blue around her mouth, so I was pleased it stopped so quickly.
It's been a 10 day gap since her last one - so we are really thankful for that.
Right: Ruth's domino creation today.
And this evening Rachel had to do the lesson at St John. She was rather nervous about it, but it went fine.
Wednesday 12th: Ruth took some photos while Mrs Dobbs was here this morning (while I was getting some work done around the house). I was rather surprised to see Hezekiah on her back. He is used to climbing on me like that when I am down on the ground, so he just thought it was the same type of play time.
It's such a blessing having Asher watched for this bit of time. It just gives me that bit of a mental break in the day, where I can give full focus to something else. And Asher loves Mrs Dobbs.
Thursday 13th: Some fun at Brownies today. Having to lead someone around by voice instruction, while they keep their eyes closed.
And then some walking and running with one in the team keeping their eyes closed. It was so funny to compare these two photos. Wild Hannah was leading on the left. And calm Ruth on the right. Granted, they were only walking at this stage, but Ruth's running lead was much more calm. ;-)

Below: The scene I got to enjoy on my walk while the girls were at Brownies.

Friday 14th and fun at Champion Centre today.
Asher loved the beans so much last week that they had a big tub of them this week in the play room.
Asher had so much fun. It was so sweet, at one point she had her arms fully submerged in the beans, just enjoying their touch.
First time success today with a book. The teacher picked "the wheels on the bus" and because there was singing, Asher was more than happy to page through it. Normally she is just not interested in books at all, and will even throw it at the teacher.
And then as a reward she got to play in some rice. She sorted the little bees to their hives and loved filling the gives with rice. She really does enjoy the tactile play and it's been nice for the teacher and I to get to know and understand her a bit more over these last few weeks.
On Saturday 15th, Ruth managed to join in a few other girls for a last "practice" before their ballet exams on Tuesday. So while she was practising (at a school almost in town), I went into town to pick up a desk I had bought.
The laptops that the girls have used for their school work have been playing up a lot lately (the older one almost useless now), so we finally decided to get new computers for them. This desk works really well in the corner of the dinning room. Finally the computers can just sit in one spot and not need to be moved every meal time.
Right: Ruth's block creation.

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