Monday, March 9, 2015

2 weeks with Midnight

On Friday 20 Feb, Brendon sent me a text to ask if he should bring a little kitten home. It had been caught in one of the traps on the farm but didn't seem as wild as they often are. The children were thrilled.

We eventually decided on calling her Midnight.
She enjoyed the safety of the fireplace as she got to know everyone. The girls put a trail of meat out to temp her to them.
I took this photo on Sunday 22nd - and just look how much Midnight is enjoying a cuddle.
Enjoying time with Hezekiah too.
Hezekiah does love having a cat in the house. He loves giving cuddles and wrapping them in his blanket. So he is a very happy little boy.
All the kids take after Nana and enjoy having a cat in the house.
Amazing to see how quickly she adjusted to actually getting love. She would not come when called, but if we got her out from her hiding spot (like below - under my computer desk), she would purr so loud - thoroughly enjoying the cuddles.

A happy little Asher getting a cuddle.
Right: Monday 23rd Feb - starting to have fun playing with balls.

Tuesday 24th Feb - enjoying playing with a ribbon that Hannah was dangling for her. Life was busy and no photos of the cat for the next week.
Right: Wednesday 4 March - playing so nicely with Hezekiah and the balls now.
We have been making an effort to get Midnight comfortable with Shadow. It was great to see her lying so relaxed on Rachel's lap with Shadow so close. Shadow really wants to play with the kitten. I think she is lonely without Zorro.
I was really impressed this afternoon to see Midnight sitting quietly on her own with Shadow so close. It was only later that I realized she was still stressed though. Shadow had already been put out the house - but she was too nervous to go to her litter box - and messed in the lounge. So although it seemed to be going really well - this got me worrying that she would just not be able to get used to having Shadow as a friend.
Thursday 5th March - She enjoys her friendship with Hezekiah and doesn't even mind him teaching her to use the iPad. :-)

There were a few other thing that happened that confirmed for us that Midnight was just not going to be able to settle into the family (with Shadow outside). I don't want a cat that is always using a litter box because she is too scared to go out.
So although we were so impressed with how tame Midnight became with the people in the family - her fear of Shadow was just too strong.
Friday 6th March. This morning I saw Hezekiah under the dinning room table and asked what he was doing. He said "playing with the cat. She likes music." He would specifically get this bible songs app that has a little ball bouncing along the words of the song. Midnight would try and catch the ball (after Hezekiah had taught her how to do it).
So very sweet. And this was what was making it so hard for me to accept that it was not going to work with her. So I was extremely relieved when I asked on a local face book page and found someone who was willing to take her. Someone without dogs.
So the children got to say their goodbyes today. Hannah was very upset and was exercising much control to not cry (she had cried earlier). She knew that if she wanted to go with Dad to drop the cat off - that he would not want her with crying.
I was thankful that Hezekiah did really well with it and even though he played most with her - he was ok with the fact that she was going to a home without a dog - so that she could be happier.
Rachel giving her last cuddle. Unfortunately I got her blinking and the cat with it's tongue out. At least we got a photo though.
And a last photo with Ruth.
They will all miss you Midnight.

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