Monday, September 29, 2014

Business baking, Brownies and blocks

Friday 26th September. 8am and Hezekiah is already out there working on their new play area. :-)
Brendon took Ruth and Rachel to Youth tonight and stayed as a helper. Asher was a little monkey and actually managed to climb up onto the cat tree. I got the camera out to see if she would do it again - but thankfully she couldn't figure out how to do it again. :-)
Saturday 28th - She found Hezekiah's socks lying around and managed to get one on. So cute to watch the concentration on her face.

Ruth has been very excited about doing THM food orders.

Here she is holding a batch of "Bread in a Mug". She does a double batch in a big coup mug and we slice it into 4 and pop them in the freezer. She is my little entrepreneur and has already asked me if we can "advertise".

At this stage she has a regular weekly order of Pan Bread, Bread in a Mug and Cheesecakes. So I have suggested we just make sure we can keep up with those orders and see how things go once we are back from our October time away.
She got a batch of Pan Bread made this morning too.

Saturday also means lots of extra playing for Asher. It was sweet to see her just go over to lie on Dad while he played with Hezekiah.
She got the bigger dose of her meds on Friday and Saturday night and it was nice to have no seizures this weekend.
Ruth spent the afternoon in town at a Brownie fun day.
She had loads of fun.
Sunday 28th Ruth came through with her hair done up nicely on the side. It looked so pretty.
Monday 29th and what a beautiful sunny day. Perfect start to the school holidays.
So nice to have Briar come over for a visit. She is going away later in the week.
She has always been good with Hezekiah. He enjoyed the games they came up with too.
And Asher managed to build a 6 block tower today.

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