Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ballet Exam and Medal Tests

Brendon took the day off so that I could go down with the girls and spend the afternoon with them (without having little ones to keep quiet). We headed off a bit early so the girls could have a treat of pies for lunch.
Rachel had her exam first. She was the only Grade 5 girl doing an exam today. I was not able to go in and watch but she was happy with how it went. She made a mistake with her timing when they did a "dress rehearsal" last Saturday - so she was thrilled that it went well today.

Next for us was Ruth's Medal Test.
The aspect of this dance that was the hardest for Ruth was using big facial expressions. So I reminded her that I was taking a video for Dad to be able to watch and that the picture would not be that big. So she had to make an effort to make all expressions really big so that they could be seen on the video.
She did such a great job. As the judge handed the medals out afterwards she made a comment to each girl. Rachel and I were thrilled when we heard her comment on how Ruth had lovely expression. It was special for me to see how happy this made Rachel too. She was also so proud of her - just as I was.
You dance beautifully Ruth - and other mothers said the same - it was lovely to watch you.
Rachel's medal test was next.
Rachel hurt her knee last night and although it did not hurt earlier in the day, at around 1 minute into her dance she twisted it again and it caused her tremendous pain. I was so surprised to see her limping when she came off the stage. She had not allowed it to affect her dancing at all. Now when I re-watch the video I can see that she is in pain and at one point is clearly having to hold back the tears.
Well done Rachel. Not only did you dance beautifully - but you persevered through all that pain and just kept going.
It was wonderful to watch you and I had the same experience as with Ruth - other mothers coming to me and commenting on how well you danced.
Rachel has been so excited about today and I am so pleased it went so well for her. Now all the excitement switches to their production at the end of the year.

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