Thursday, July 24, 2014


Last month I started looking into getting insulation for our home. I was blown away when I saw "free insulation" for families with a community services card and children (or over 65) living in the house.
We got the assessment done two weeks ago and today the installation happened. We only had about 6cm in the ceiling and the government recommendation is a minimum of 12cm. So they ordered their thickest bats for us. I was amazed at how much they expanded once the packaging was opened (this package happened to be opened before it went up).

It was also very damp under the house with nothing on the ground (it was SO muddy under there as it's been such a damp year). So they put a plastic sheet down to stop all the damp.
Once that was down the "blanket" for under our floor - to stop any drafts.
Hezekiah was pleased to be able to help roll the "blanket" out as the man took in under the house.
Once the roof was done that man came to help with the floor. The kids wanted to help too.
Ruth bringing in the extra rolls from outside the back door.
Thankfully Hannah and Hezekiah managed to not talk too much - although I had to smile at all the comments I heard.
Here they are playing on the last (extra unused) roll while the "blanket" got nailed to the floor.
We thank the Lord for this wonderful blessing. We know that the value of this wonderful insulation was over $7,000. So it is an amazing blessing to us.
Within a couple of days we could already tell the huge difference it was making.

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