Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ice, eggs and an excellent visit

Friday 4th July. Hezekiah headed out to find ice to break.
The girls quickly joined him and found some solid ice here that they could not even break.
Hezekiah has been spending hours outside with the dogs. Just give this boy his dogs, his bike and a "special" stick and he is happy. Don't even worry about a jersey on a cold day - he just does not seem to feel the cold at all.
Ruth is thrilled that we have continued to get good amounts of fresh eggs from a neighbour (her chooks have not been bothered with the cold weather and we benefit). She is getting really good at frying eggs for lunch. :-)
Saturday 5th July. Brendon went out with Hannah today. They spent some time at the squash courts and then at the Play centre (where this photo was taken). Isn't it a lovely one.
And I got some time with Ruth today too. We didn't go out - but got some special time together at home. Ruth has often said she wants to learn to scrapbook - so I thought it would be nice to use our time for that today. She was thrilled. She quickly picked up how to use my program and she designed this prayer card. Well done Ruth.
Tuesday 8th July. Hezekiah and Shadow can often be found on this castle. I have given up trying to keep them off the poor plant as it brings them so much joy (and the plant seems to be surviving).
It has a slide attached too. :-)
Often there is a bit of an argument about who is going to sit on Dad's lap during prayer time. So Hannah suggested I have a turn. :-) She had such a laugh.
Brendon then got her laughing even more by pulling this face while giving me a kiss.
Hannah has been rather funny about kisses and for a long time she would close her eyes if she ever saw people "kissing on the mouth". Even in a fairytale. She is getting more used to it now but still giggles quite a bit. :-)
Wednesday 9th July. It was lovely to have Paulette and 3 of her children come for a visit today. The kids had a great time but more importantly for me - I had a great time catching up with Paulette and chatting about some of life's challenges. It was great to especially chat to a mother who is now onto her 5th teenager already. It was good to know many of our challenges are not unique. :-)

Kids having some fun after lunch. The two youngest - the boys (excluding Asher in this) got a lot of tickling by the looks of it.
I got to have a look at the curriculum Paulette has been using recently and she got to have a look at Rachel and Ruth's curriculum. So it was a blessing of a visit in so many ways.
The Lord knew I need this visit today - so thank you Paulette for the spiritual encouragement you were to me too.

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