Monday, March 31, 2014

Prayer cards updated and added

On January 1st I decided it was time to finally put some serious effort into getting our prayer cards updated. We have some really old photos. Unfortunately all the hospital trips and stays delayed things, but by the end of March I had 38 new or updated cards done.
I have found it really hard to throw the old cards away though as there are such special memories attached to them. So in order to not feel like any of those memories can be lost again - I am posting copies of all the new cards here.

Then even when I make new cards in a few years time, I won't feel like I am loosing any of the cards as they will always be here for us to look through.
If you don't have a photo in our prayer basket yet - please send me a family photo so that I can add you.
I still have a number of old cards that need to be replaced - so if you haven't managed to send me a new photo I look forward to getting one. :-)

The 6 above were done in January and then the next 2 were the only ones I managed to get done in February.

It was great to eventually have a goal of getting 30 cards done in March - which I managed to do.
Thanks to everyone who sent me new photos.
It was also great to get some new people added to our basket.
Facebook was also a great help as I noticed that some of the photos that I could download from facebook were actually big enough for the cards (others are unfortunately too small and I need you to e-mail me a bigger copy please).

Funny to have our own photo in here, I know. I received a request for a new family photo from us - so decided to design a card for us as well. :-)

I did this card on Grandpa's birthday. We miss him very much and want to keep seeing his face and remembering all the special things we did together.

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