Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Hannah

Birthday preparation started on Saturday evening with Hannah helping Rachel bake the cake. Even though her birthday is Tuesday, we decided we would celebrate on Sunday so that we have the day to enjoy together.
After breakfast it was time for presents. Both Rachel and Ruth had bought her presents and they were just as excited as her at them being opened.
Asher getting into the fun of playing with the paper.
Thank you Nana for the lovely game. Tumbling Monkeys.
Thank you Rachel for the lovely princess things.
Then the time to decorate the cake. Rachel made and iced it and then Hannah got to put the pebbles on.
Then a family game of Tumbling Monkeys while Asher had her nap. There was only an afternoon service at church today and as it's a bit difficult for us with the younger two, we had a nice quiet day at home.

Then once Asher was awake it was cake time.
Good job Hannah, it looks lovely.

Below: Time to sing and blow candles.

In the afternoon Val, Brooke and Logan came over for a piece of cake and a game of Dutch Blitz. Hannah enjoyed playing at their house in the afternoon and then we had a treat and had Pizza for dinner.
Asher did really well on her piece, wanting to feed herself and decorate her whole face and head at the same time. Such a cutie.

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