Saturday, March 15, 2014

Blessed by a working bee

We have been attending a church in Amberley since the first Sunday of the year when Asher had her first day of multiple seizures. The church have been so supportive and encouraging through these hard months and one suggestion that was made was to organize a working bee for us. So we had a team of 18 people arrive this morning to help. The men worked in the garden while a few of the ladies and girls helped in the house (cleaning all the windows and helping sort through my disorganized laundry).

Have a look above at how overgrown that small ditch was on this side of the house. Then to the right you can see how great it looks now. The guys helping with the rocks were so diligent with a time consuming job of sifting the sand out. They got half the berry patch done.
As well as the path. Doesn't it just look great.

Another big job was the main ditch that had gotten really bad.

I could not believe how quickly they had it looking so good.

The overcast weather this morning was a real blessing. People would have been rather hot working out there on a sunny day.

Below: The children helped with pulling old leaves off that big plant on the right. It already looks so much nicer.
Having powerful weed eaters was a huge blessing as the men got the work done so well and so quickly.
Then the hard job of pulling all the slimy muck out too. Just look how good it looks though.
A trailer load of muck out of there. It will be so good to have this clear through the more rainy season that is coming. In the past it has almost overflowed with all the water building up. It will be good to have it pass our home easily now.
Someone noticed our garden rubbish piled up at the back there and asked if we wanted it taken away as they had a pile of stuff on their property that would be burnt at some stage. Wow - what a bonus. They loaded it all up on their trailer and helped the place look nicer as well as be safer (wasps love piles like this to make nests).
Brendon cooked up a big batch of sausages and we had a great lunch with everyone once the work was done.
Thank you to all who were a part of the day. It was a wonderful blessing to us all.

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