Sunday, December 1, 2013

5 days 1 photo - it must be a record

I could not believe this was the only photo I had taken during the week. And that on Friday with bad lighting too (there was no way I was going to use the flash and possibly wake her). What a funny position to sleep in. :-)
Tuesday the girls had an extra orchestra practice after lunch and then it was the normal ballet practices in the afternoon / evening. Just 2 more practices to go before the concerts on 14 and 15 Dec. Wow - the time has just gone so quickly.
Wednesday was the normal orchestra practice. Hannah is so pleased she can be a part of it. It was raining most of the week so I gave them lifts up to the school for practice which they appreciated. And then they had the fun of walking home in the rain (by that time the little ones were asleep).
On Wednesday Ruth stopped at Noortjie on the way home so she could get extra piano practice in. She is a part of Noortjie's little end of year "concert" next Wednesday -  so she has been putting in a lot of extra practice there too.
Thursday's bible study was full with 12 of us this week. It was a great study and good to have so many regulars attend. Blake and Cheryl stayed for a chat afterwards and it was great to get to know them a bit more.
On Friday we finally saw the sun which was wonderful and we made the most of the dry ground and got the grass cut in the afternoon once Brendon was home. We had thought we had done the last cut for the summer but the week's rain caused so much growth.
We had expected rain on Saturday and although it did start off raining it was wonderful to have some clear sky too and get everyone outside for a while. The puppies have grown so much. They are almost 10 weeks old and Shadow now weighs 5kg and Zorro is 7kg (at 6 weeks they were 3 and 3,5 kg). So when I thought Zorro had doubled in size I was right. He has doubled his weight in the last 4 weeks.
We finally got to spend some time getting Patches comfortable with the puppies.
Eventually she realized that she has lovely sharp claws that can work wonderfully in keeping the dogs in check. So hopefully she will get more comfortable with them soon.
Brendon had a few helpers in getting this bed sorted.
Weeds up, boxes down and then wood chips to make it look a bit nicer.
Asher happily played with some toys while they worked. The puppies keeping her company too. They are really good with her.

I watched Asher from the kitchen for a little bit (I won't risk going out because if she sees me she won't be happy to just sit playing but will want me). She just loved watching the trees blowing in the wind She would wave her arms around and it sounded like she was talking to them too. So sweet.
The older girls then helped Brendon start clearing this section too. They were both really helpful and it was great that he got so much done.
With the lovely long days we want to try get out walking as a family again. So we headed out after dinner. We had a lovely walk - a short one this time just to see how Hannah would cope - but were glad we had chosen a short route as it was rather chilly out. Brendon went to get milk later and said there was snow on the mountains. No wonder that wind was so icy.
Below: Sunday's children photo. I can't believe it's December already.

Unfortunately Brendon had a migraine today and spent the entire day in bed. He has just gotten onto a new remedy from the homoeopath for his migraines (taken at the end of the week) and this seems to have been a really bad "aggravation" from the remedy (which can sometimes happen). Thankfully when he took an extra dose today it made a huge difference and the improvement was like a breath of fresh air. So we are hopeful that the remedy is the right one and that this might be the end of the migraines for him.
Hannah got onto a new remedy at the same time and the night afterwards woke 3 times from "bad dreams". It may have been an "aggravation" for her too as she has not had a bad night since. Thankfully her "bad dreams" are not scary and they don't upset her. They just wake her. So it's been a blessing to see a great improvement there. Hopefully the remedy will help with her regular tummy aches too.
Briar spent a few hours visiting in the morning and again after lunch. So that was really nice for the children. It helped them to not miss Dad too much.

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