Friday, November 8, 2013

Hanmer Pools

We didn't check what time the pools opened and so arrived just after 9:30 with the pools only opening at 10. The first thing the girls said when we arrived in Hanmer Springs was "we got ice creams at that shop" and so as we had some time we did the ice cream tradition before the swim.
It was lovely to have gotten free entrance for the whole family as a "welcome to New Zealand" gift at our citizenship ceremony. Ruth was so excited about coming and I was so pleased that Brendon took the day off so that we could come during the school term. It made it lovely and quiet and we had a lovely time.
I set up the camera for a family photo and had to move really quickly to get into the shot in the 10 seconds delay.
It was so quiet for the first hour that we had the pool we were in all to ourselves.
We headed over to the current pool (new since I was last here but the favourite for the girls when they came with Brendon earlier this year). The life guard was telling me that there was a group of 200 arriving soon - so it was great that we got to spend the time in here before they arrived and had it all to ourselves.
After taking some photos I got in with Asher and she loved it. I eventually got tired of walking around with her and so Brendon and I swapped. I was small enough to hold onto Hezekiah's board from underneath and so could float around with him.
We headed over to the big play pool after that and were glad we had some time in there when we did as the group of 200 arrived and it soon got very busy. So we headed over to the children's play group (thankfully the group were older children - so this was still nice and quiet).
Rachel held Asher so I could get some photos. It was nice for her to just have a little bit of a break from the water. I was amazed at how happy she was to just be in the water all the time. I had expected to spend most of the time out holding her - but managed to stay in my togs and in the water almost as much as everyone else.
Hezekiah just loved this steering wheel and stood there turning those fountains high and low for ages.
Hannah and Ruth explored more of it. Ruth really does love water and swimming. Hannah is still a bit reserved and afraid of trying new things.

So it was not too much of a surprise that she was not interested in these slides. So Dad went on with Ruth.
We had so much fun here as a family. Those big sprays over the slide could be turned up and down with another wheel but when you turned them down the water shot out more just next to the steering wheel. At one point Rachel wanted to get Ruth wet as she was heading up the stairs and so quickly turned the wheel. She forgot about the other spray though and so got wet in the face herself. It was so funny (Rachel was the first to laugh) and it was so good to have everyone laughing and having so much fun together. What a blessing this day was for us all.
Brendon and Hezekiah then went to the car to get our packed lunch. The girls waiting.
When Hezekiah got back and saw them on their chairs he wanted a turn too. :-)
And what a lovely one of Asher.
After lunch we had a bit more time in the rock pools (they were out of bounds for the group of 200 - so they were quiet through the whole day). It was lovely for everyone to get a "last swim" and to have that in a pool with a huge umbrella over it.
What a wonderful day of memory making and loads of family fun.

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