Saturday, November 16, 2013

9 months and puppy training

9 months old already. Wow - it goes quickly.
With 2 more teeth coming out she chews on anything she can find. Labels are always a lovely option.
Two teeth on top, 2 fully out on the bottom and now 2 more on the bottom breaking their way through.
This little girl is amazing with how she can move her tongue. She often has it side ways - just playing around. She gets it from her Dad. I can't do anything like this but he can flip his tongue over even.
She decided that being 9 months old today it was a good day to practice standing on her own. She loves standing up against things but today let go. She kept lifting her hands up and could stand on her own for a good amount of time. Again it was a joy to see the excitement it created in everyone.
The girls are a part of a small orchestra at the school. They practice on a Wednesday but this week the girls have started putting some extra practices in at home. Hannah is excited about joining them next week. They checked with the teacher this week and he said it was fine for her to come along. She can add a bit of percussion to the group. :-)
Time for some puppy training. The first thing Mrs Spencer suggested was getting them to submit - lying still under your hands without fighting to get up.

Shadow doing really well with Rachel.
Ruth has a bit more of a challenge with Zorro who is bigger and stronger (and stronger willed).

Brendon helping with Zorro a bit too.

And always loads of playing time.

Doing some extra work with Zorro to teach him to sit. He did really well. He would run after me and then I would stop and tell him to sit. He enjoyed the praise so much that kept obeying so quickly. Perhaps he will actually be the easier of the two to train - even with his strong will.
Asher is also getting a lot of swinging time lately with all this outside puppy time which she is really enjoying.

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