Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Finally back to the Museum

Asher had her follow up appointment at the hospital late this morning - so we decided to make a full use of the trip in and combine it with a visit to the Museum. Hannah as been asking to go back for ages - specifically so she can go in the "dark tunnel". They have a display back there in almost complete darkness. Once you are in there for a little while your eyes adjust and you can see everything fine - but it was quite scary for her the first time. So she was excited about going back with no fear.
Hezekiah had no fear and crawled through the smaller entrance into the dark.
Brendon had these 3 at the Museum while I was at the hospital with Asher.
The doctor was very surprised to hear that she has not had any more seizures. Today it had been over 7 weeks of being seizure free and over 4 weeks since her little "vacant episode" where we gave her extra doses of her natural remedy. We suspect her "vacant episodes" are pre-curses to a full blown grand mal - so we are so very thankful that she has not had another grand mal.
Thank You Lord.
The "Discovery Section" of the Museum was open again. It was closed the last time we came due to the earthquake.
It's such a lovely hand's on section and so the children had loads of fun.

Checking out the different draws to see what they could find.

Hezekiah wanted to have a look at the Magic School bus program on their computers. He is a pro on the iPad but does not know how to use a mouse yet. :-)
Once Asher and I were done we walked over to meet them at the Museum (you park in the same area for both - so really handy).
Special to think back to when Grandpa and Nana were here in Feb 2009. Ruth was just older than what Hezekiah is now (2 1/2 and he is 2).

And now look how big those girls are.

Hannah was 11 months old when she last saw this sheep (she is 5 now).
Our girls have not had much hair in their first year but when I compare Hannah's
to Asher's at 8 month - it makes me realize how little hair Asher has. I wonder how much thicker and longer it will get in the next 3 months.

Ruth asked for a photo with this meercat. What a big girls she is growing up to be too.

Ruth and Rachel have been reading about Egypt over the last couple of weeks and so it was exciting to see a mummy and the other things in the Egyptian section.
For those wondering about Rachel - she left at 8am with the school and spent the day in town. They had a rehearsal for the Music Festival in the morning and then went ten pin bowling in the afternoon. Brendon, Ruth and I will head back into town after dinner to watch the show. A very busy day indeed.
It was so much fun watching the children run around the different parts of the museum and see their enjoyment as we pointed out different things.
A huge highlight for all three of them was this snow bike.
Then we headed off to have some lunch and pick up the groceries I had ordered on-line. What a pleasure to just pick it all up and take just a couple of minutes at the shops. Very handy when you have 4 children waiting in the car.
As it was still rather early we headed back to the Museum as I thought we had missed the transport section. We walked through almost the whole museum again and realized we had not missed it.
We found out that some of the items had been damaged in the earth quake and were still being fixed. Such a pity as I am sure Hezekiah would have LOVED that.
It did give them a bit more time to re-look and play with different things - like these different bird calls.
And we spotted this kingfisher which may have been the bird Ruth and Brendon spotted in our garden the other day.
Some more time in the Antartic centre and loads of time on the snow bike again. This time they discovered that the light switch worked and it also switched on the "keep from freezing" box on the back.
What a special day with Dad.
And as always photos on the penny farthing as well as the horse.
I loved how Hezekiah was a real cowboy again with a big yeeha and wild riding.

A day filled with lots of memory making fun.
We arrived home just after 4 and had to leave by 5:30. Hannah and Hezekiah stayed at home with Noortjie. This was such a huge blessing for us as we only got home at almost 11:30pm. Photos and video clips of the concert in the next post. :-)

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