Friday, August 30, 2013


On Thursday afternoon - 29th August 2013 - we were welcomed as Citizens of New Zealand.
Bob took a photo for us before we went in. I only realized the next day that my camera was set to take macro photos - so the colouring is not the best (and had nothing to do with the person taking the photo - it was all my fault.)
Top right: Asher pulling her funny face.
She sat with Lynn while we went up. It was lovely to have Steve, Josie, Holly, Bob and Lynn all attend the ceremony with us. I just wish I had gotten a photo with them all.
Brendon saying his oath.
And then me. The girls did not need to say an oath as they are under 16. I think they were rather pleased about that.
Brendon presented with a gift of a Kowhai tree.
A photo with the new NZ citizens to the family.

What would have been a lovely family photo if I had the settings on the camera right.....
From the group photo that was taken (with a bit of editing as I don't know if the other people want to be on our blog).
On Friday I wrote this on Facebook:
Tomorrow we will have been in New Zealand for 6 years.
Yesterday we were officially welcomed as Citizens of New Zealand.
We feel very blessed to be able to call New Zealand home (as it has been since the day we arrived) and to be officially a part of this country.
At bible study last night I was reminded about the citizenship that I have that is even better. My citizenship in heaven!
And although we feel very much a part of the people of NZ, there is an even stronger link with all our fellow Heavenly Citizens who live all around the world.
Thank You Lord for all Your many blessings to us in this life - but thank You even more for the wonderful hope of Heaven.
Our Kowhai tree planted.
As they can grow to around 8 meters tall we had to really think about where we wanted it. I think it has a nice spot next to our berry patch (can you spot it below).

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