Sunday, July 28, 2013

July almost over

Monday 22nd 7:40am. What a beautiful sky.
I love that my children enjoy these sunrises as much as I do.
Such delicate beauty
Thursday 25th. Hannah was thrilled to be making a totally different kind of oats for breakfast. Although I think this idea will probably be enjoyed more in summer. You soak the oats for a few days in the fridge in milk, yoghurt and some special flavouring - we had berry yoghurt and frozen berries for our first try. We tried a chocolate one after this and that was nice too. Although it was a bit runny and so I ended up blending it to make it nice and smooth and then they used it as a topping for their ricies (instead of milk or yoghurt). The ricies were nice and crunchy but they got filled up by the oats (that were by now well hidden). I think we will look into this again once it's summer and a nice cool breakfast is preferred.
Friday 26th. It was lovely to have Kerry pop in for a visit this afternoon. The children always love having time together I always end up chatting so much to Kerry that I never get any photos of the children. I got one today though of Katie holding Asher. Katie has always loved babies. I made friends with Kerry via e-mail before we arrived in NZ and she had Katie just before we got here. Katie will be 6 soon.
Sunday 28th. Wow - the week flew by with hardly any photos taken. Time to get the camera out and get a few shots before the month is over.
Ruth and Hezekiah joining Asher for some shots.
A sweet one. It looks like she is telling him something.
Precious children.
This afternoon Georgia came around to play. The children have been enjoying the sand pit lately and have been making some lovely sand castles.
Rachel is enjoying spending more time with Georgia and they are both very excited about the horse camp they are going on at the end of September.
This rooster has been visiting us a lot lately. It was nice to get a photo of him before he got into the chook run today (just taking a photo from the kitchen window). Apparently his father is bullying him a bit - so he much prefers it here with our chooks.

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