Saturday, July 13, 2013

Healthy pizza

I got this idea from my Trim, Healthy Mama book and have made a few changes to suit us (one being not using the microwave - which I like to avoid using if I can).
Base: ("Bread in a mug" from THM)
Whisk 1 egg
Add 2 Tbs flax meal or linseed meal (the brown one works fine and is easier to get in NZ)
2 Tbs almond flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt & oregano
Stir vigorously and then add
1 tsp coconut oil and stir again
(we add the coconut oil after mixing the others as it sometimes goes hard if we put it directly onto the egg and the egg is cold from the fridge).

Pour batter into a frying pan and spread slightly to form round shape.
Allow to cook till firm enough to flip. Flip and cook the other side (this doesn't take long at all).
Flip back and place on a baking try and top with tomato sauce, pre-cooked bacon and mushrooms as well as pineapple and cheese (or any other topping of your choice). Grill till cheese has melted.
Once they are cool you can  put them in sandwich bags in the freezer.
Brendon takes one out in the morning, it's defrosted by lunch time and he uses the toastie machine to warm it up (with the "lid" sitting higher it even warms it from the top).
My children love this pizza even more than a shop bought ones. They have asked that we regularly get our production line going on the weekends to stock up the freezer for Brendon's lunches as they get to enjoy one themselves for lunch that day.

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