Sunday, June 2, 2013

Autumn snow and eggs

Tuesday 28th: Ruth reading a book to Asher and Hezekiah. Such a great big sister and always willing to help with Asher when I am busy with something. Today it was hanging up washing. That is one thing I don't really like about this time of year - having washing drying inside. I have tried outside though and even on a full day of sun the washing is still all wet. As Ruth pointed out though - there are lovely things about every season through the year - so we will focus on those positives. :-)
It was a very cold day today with a maximum of just 5 degrees. I took this photo at mid day - the ice on the woodbox only just starting to melt. Brendon said the wind chill factor today would have reduced the temperature to zero - it was so cold out there. And with all the snow on the mountains it was no wonder. I took the photo below as we left for Ballet at 4pm. My camera's battery unfortunately died but we still got to enjoy seeing all the beautiful scenery on our trip there and home again.

Rachel got a lift home after her lesson - arriving home at 7pm. She said it was snowing quite hard as they came out of Waikari but then as they got to the Hawarden sign it stopped. They were all thrilled when Dad checked before they went to bed and spotted a bit of snow. They enjoyed watching the few flakes for a little while - all going to bed hoping to wake to a white garden. This is the one thing that Ruth says is so nice about winter - the snow.
Not only was I not able to take the desired videos of Ruth and Hannah at ballet but I even forgot my wallet at home and only realized when I pulled into the petrol station (30km from home) with an empty tank. The Lord provided wonderfully though and one of the ballet mothers had $20 in her wallet. Not many people have cash-on-hand (as using a card is so easy) so I was VERY thankful to the Lord for this provision.
The reason I had hoped to get a video of the lesson today is that Hannah has now joined Ruth's group. She was not really enjoying her class (saying she was bored) and so instead of having her stop all together I asked if she could try Ruth's class. She did enjoy it and is now happy to carry on with ballet - so hopefully I can get video clips next week of the dances and she can practice a bit more at home.
The girls also collected our first eggs from our new chooks today. It's been over 3 weeks since they came - so we were all very pleased to finally see some eggs. The lady had told me that there would be green eggs - I just did not know they would be so small. Brendon told me that she did mention this to him too. The chook is just young and they will get bigger. The girls thing it's so cool to have the green eggs.
Wed 29th: I got this train set from the toy library on Friday and Hezekiah is just loving it (as well as Ruth and Hannah). He has 3 of his own trains that work on it too. His favourite thing is to sit in the middle of the track - so the girls have gotten good at making the track big enough for him. The bridge is fun as you use momentum to let it go on it's own. Little science lessons for the older children in things like this too. :-)
Thursday 30th: The marble run box is staying in the lounge now (we rotate toy boxes) as Hezekiah just loves it and it looks like he is going to ask every day to play with it. I made another tall one yesterday but today focused on using as many as the pieces as I could but keeping it at a hight that he could still use. So I am getting to use my imagination and creativity with this too. :-)
Hezekiah also just loves the marbles and even when he is not playing with the run - he likes holding them. I have kept a watchful eye on him and he has not put them in his mouth at all. I think he just likes having them in his hands and then heading over to let them run every now and again.
Such a happy boy when he has marbles to play with.
It was lovely having Rebecca join us for Bible study again this evening and this time she brought Samuel with. These three watched Barnet Round and Round till Hezekiah went to bed at 7:30 and then Ruth and Samuel played with the train set. They had so much fun and I wanted to get a photo of them but Asher woke and I had to feed her. Samuel obviously had a great time as he did not want to leave.
Friday 31st: Ok Mum - time to get creative again. Today I went for colour fun. Hezekiah has not been feeling 100% this week. I have been suspecting teeth but can't feel any new ones yet. He was wanting to just go to bed this morning so I knew I had to find something to keep him busy. What a blessing that the marble run does not lose it's fun for him. Again it kept him busy and happy for ages. He did go down for his nap a bit earlier than normal and slept a bit longer. Something is definitely worrying his little body though as he also woke twice during the night - crying terribly. He has had his hands in his mouth a lot - so perhaps the new teeth are just moving a round a bit. I hope they settle or come out soon.
Hezekiah got his first taste of Milk Tart today (thanks to Rachel's baking).
There was "Creative Faith" again this evening and Rachel decided to go with the younger girls today because Louisa and Liam were going to be there too. They all got their hair "done".
Hannah got this idea from Holly and it's become a favourite style.
They came home with some balloons and we all had fun watching Hezekiah stretching up on his toes to try and grab the ribbon. Eventually we suggested he use a chair to get himself a bit taller.
Saturday 1st June: Wow - June already. Today Rachel got busy with the marble run. Hezekiah now asks for the marbles every morning. She created a lovely stable structure that was loads of fun.
This afternoon Rachel went into town with Holly to a missions conference which she really enjoyed.
Sunday 2nd June: What a beautiful start to the day.
Time for the monthly children's photo.
Ruth was on marble run duty today.
Although the day started off a bit cool it warmed up so much that we were all in t-shirts even into the evening. So although officially in winter now we are still getting that changeable autumn weather. It was such a contrast to the freezing cold days at the beginning of the week.

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