Thursday, February 21, 2013

Massive Migraine

Unfortunately Brendon woke with a terrible headache this morning and so had to call in sick. He stayed in bed through the morning and I was at that stage hopefully he would be able to sleep it off and at least be feeling better by the late afternoon. When Hezekiah went down for his morning nap the older children headed off with Michelle to the horses.
I got this photo as they came past with Auto. It was lovely to have Michelle here to allow the younger two some riding time. Ruth especially would love to ride often but can only go when there is an adult with. It was also nice that Hannah got some riding time as she missed out last night.
Michelle got these photos (left and below) of their time with the horses this morning.
The Campbells have not done much bare back riding - so it was nice for Rachel to give them some tips on that. She does a lot of bare back work.
While they were out I got this lovely photo of Asher.
And a fun one of her cute little feet. It made a nice cover photo for my face book page for a while.
By lunch time Brendon's headache was worse and he had not actually been able to sleep at all because of the pain (here I thought he was sleeping it off and he was just lying there in pain all the time). I was going to leave a message at the doctors rooms as they were closed over lunch but Brendon was in so much pain that I called the doc who was on call for emergencies. He said I could bring Brendon immediately.
During this time Kerry arrived for a visit so she could get some time to catch up with Michelle. Michelle got this photo of her with the children. It was helpful having all the children busy so that I could just focus on Brendon. It was quickly clear there was NO WAY he was going to be able to get himself to the car - so I called the doc back and he said he would come over. I was so thankful. He confirmed that it was a migraine (the previous time Brendon had been to the doctors about these headaches a few years back the doc said it was not a migraine for some strange reason). He thankfully had some really strong medication so Brendon got two painful injections but they were strong enough to actually allow him to sleep through the afternoon and only have a slight headache when he woke later that evening.
(When Brendon saw the doctor the next day and got the bill for the home visit he said he will make sure he gets to the doctors room if anything like that ever happens again. But the reality was that I could not carry him to the car and he was in such debilitating pain. The doc prescribed some really strong medication specifically for migraine and the accompanying nausea and so hopefully it will never get to this point again.)
I managed to get some photos of Rachel and Ruth's sleeping arrangement for the two nights of the Campbell's visit. So much fun to sleep in a horse float.
With no horse riding this evening they could get started on their game sooner and so played the board game this evening. Asher having a nap on the couch again. :-) Another warm night which makes it nicer for the girls outside.

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