Saturday, February 16, 2013

Asher's first day

7am I woke up with this precious face next to me.

For the last week with Brendon being home he has gone to fetch Hezekiah when he wakes up in the morning. Almost every morning he would bring him into our room to change his nappy and then allow him to come and say good morning to me which normally meant a bit of a play.
This morning he came in as normal and Brendon said "look at the baby" and he was just smiles and wanted to come and see her. He was much more calm than he normally is when he comes to say good morning and was very gentle with her. He was just so excited and it made me so thankful that she could be born at home. There was no time with Mum away and then adjusting to her coming back with a baby. He was just thrilled to see this little baby and spent the day giving her loads of kisses.

Then it was Hannah's turn to have a look and then a hold. It's always so special for me that the siblings get to see their baby brother or sister so soon after the birth.
Obviously Hezekiah thought this idea of holding the baby was a great one - so he had a go at that too.
And then finally Rachel got to have her first cuddle (even though she was the first to see Asher when she was born).
Ruth knew she had to wait her turn as she had a cuddle already early this morning.
I took this photo at 10:30am. Lovely big eyes that are already so dark - just like Hezekiah.
And just look at those long nails. And those wrinkly dry hands. That's what you get for staying in for an extra 2 weeks.
Rachel finally got to make a birthday cake for the baby. This time with pink icing an "A" for Asher and some hearts. Steve and Josie came around in the afternoon for a visit and it was nice that they could share some cake. They had some of Hannah and Hezekiah's birthday cakes too. Rachel still remembers leaving one of the plastic flies on the piece of cake she gave to Steve. It's always so nice to have visitors when baby is just so new born. And they blessed us with some lovely gifts (for the whole family) and meals too.
I tried to capture some of the kisses that she gets smothered with so constantly from her big brother. He is so on the go though that it was not that easy. He just adores her.
7:20pm - just before bed time for Ruth and she came and spent some time just watching Asher sleep.
Welcome to our family Asher. You are already very much loved.

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