Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A trip to town

Monday 7th: I finally got the monthly children photo done. I normally take the photo in the morning when I know everyone will still be clean but as it's already a week into the month I just decided to get it done this afternoon. It was fun having Brendon home as he did such funny antics behind me that he had even Rachel laughing.
I am also in the process of trialling a new vacuum cleaner. One of those 30 day money back trials. I got a new vacuum cleaner a few months back and was absolutely amazed at how much dust a good vacuum could get out of the carpet every time. I was just getting very frustrated with the work of cleaning the filter every time we did a room. So I decided to trial this one. I knew it would work as well - it is more the emptying and cleaning of filters that I am trialling  And so far I am so happy. We were able to do the whole house today and just simply empty it a number of times. If I had tried the same thing with my other "new" one it would have needed to have the filter properly cleaned out at least 4 times. This one is a bit to heavy for Hannah (who always liked helping a little bit) but Ruth manages fine and she is the one that really likes helping with this job.
Hezekiah did not have a very long nap this afternoon - only 1 hour - so he was really tired by 7pm. He normally goes to bed with the younger girls at 7:30 and as I don't want him up earlier in the morning - he just sat quietly with Rachel while the girls had their bible story with Dad. It's not often Rachel gets a cuddle (ok - the dummy is hardly ever out the bed either). He started wiggling around as soon as he saw me - but at least she had a nice little cuddle time with him.
Tuesday 8th: Last week Brendon had put two disks out in his back and we managed to get an appointment with the chiropractor for this afternoon. So he made sure he was home early enough for us to make the trip in and it was so nice to get it sorted so quickly. He could immediately feel that it was all back in place.
We had come to this Chinese shop once many years ago and I thought it would be a nice idea for dinner. We had a feast. I remember the last time we came Rachel did not like Chinese food (that's how long ago it was). She was excited about coming this time though and I always know Ruth will be thrilled with this choice in food (and it's probably my first choice). We had so much left over I won't have to cook on Wednesday either. :-)
The only challenge was that they did not have a high chair for Hezekiah - so he spent most of the time walking up and down the shop (coming back for a mouthful of food every time).
Wednesday 9th: I am slowly making my way through tightening Ruth's hair again. I have started a couple of times but never gotten through it all - so the goal is to get it all done before baby arrives. I have been quite frustrated lately with Ruth's "fringe" hanging in her face at meal times - so I decided to perhaps just praid the front bits. I ended up braiding a 2nd line (the section that has been tightened) and it looks nice. Hopefully I can be diligent now and get through it all. I can only do a small amount each day as it is painful for Ruth. Of the 260 braids we can probably only manage to do around 20 at each sitting. If only I could just keep up with the habit of doing a bit every week. If there is only a short bit to tighten then in the same time we could do double the amount. At least I can have a goal - and that would be it - doing some regularly (every week) so that it's never a bit burden to either of us.
I had a great day today. I got a walk in after lunch and then got a few lengths in this afternoon. I have not been walking for a few weeks now as I found I had very strong contractions when I did. Now that I am 37 weeks tomorrow - I know I don't have to worry about it. So it's nice to get back to it.
The swim was great too. We got an extra cap while we were in town so at least now Ruth and I can both keep our hair out the water. I hate the feeling of the chlorine on my hair and can only imagine the damage it must do to Ruth's already dry hair. This new cap was a bit smaller but worked really well and her hair was completely dry. She did loads of swimming today and enjoyed using the extra pair of goggles. I think she was pretty exhausted at the end of it.
A great thing about a trip into town is the loaded fruit bowls when we get home. Peaches and plums are getting a bit more reasonably priced now - so Hezekiah got his first taste of a peach today and loved it. Brendon was planning on just giving him a couple of bites of his own one but Hezekiah liked it so much he took huge bites and probably had almost half of it.
Oh - and I took this photo of Hannah today as well - when a tractor stopped outside our house. She was thrilled to be able to run over and have a good look at it. She told me she really likes tractors and I assured her that I already knew that. We told her about her 2nd birthday cake which was a tractor - because even as a toddler she just loved vehicles.

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