Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kombucha ready

Thursday 8th: Today my new bread machine arrived. We had invested in a more expensive one almost 3 years ago. The previous one had tin trouble just after it's 1 year warranty ran out and when they gave me the price for a replacement tin it was cheaper to buy another machine. So we spent a bit more at that stage getting a better quality machine (which makes a bigger loaf) and also spent the bit extra on an extended warranty (3 years). So even though again it was not the whole machine that had trouble - just the blade this time with the coating totally pealing off - it was cheaper for them to just give me a new machine. We were able to buy a 3 year warranty on this one (even though we got it for free) - just in case.
Hezekiah enjoys spending time outside after lunch and so he is having to learn to wear a hat. Yes - it's a bit big for him - but it's rather cute too.
I asked the younger girls to make use of the beautiful warm day to get some of their outside toys cleaned. Rachel helped them.
When Hezekiah woke up he "helped" them too. Anything to do with water. :-)
Hannah on the other hand is just like Rachel was when she was younger - terrified of water on her head. A friend had mentioned these "hats" for washing hair and I managed to get one for Hannah. She had her first try with it today in the shower with Ruth and has decided that now she likes to shower. :-) She even told me that her ears got a little bit wet.
I checked on the Kombucha today and I had a lovely new thick mushroom on top.
I can't quite get over the smell to get a good taste (perhaps that will be better after the pregnancy). Brendon and the younger girls like it though. Apparently it's a mix between Ginger Beer and Apple Cider. It's sounds like it is incredibly healthy though. I suspect it has some of the wonderful glyconutrients in it.
Saturday 10th: Brendon was pleased to get enough time in the garden this morning to finish this section of the drain.
Rachel and Ruth were excited about getting the rooms ready for overnight guests. The plan was that Grace and Hayley go to the fireworks with us tonight and then just sleep over. Unfortunately it ended up being only Grace that came - but it was nice that they took on the job and felt so proud of getting things extra ready.
I get many free digital books from Amazon and try to "file" them every day so that it does not build up. Unfortunately I was getting a bit behind - so I asked Rachel do some filing again. Even though I get a bit done each day it has crept up to over 200. So it was good to get a bit of help. I have basic files that I put them in "Christian Novel / Christian / Children's book / Educational / Recipes" but with over 1,800 books on there now I am starting to think I need to re-look at filing options. Has anyone got any advice? How do you keep track of your books? I now have over 800 "Educational" books - so how do I make it possible for the girls to "browse" and find books that might interest them?

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