Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cheese book

A couple of people have asked me about the cheese I have been making recently - so I thought I would just tell you about the book I have and share the two recipes that I have used so far.
This book is specifically for people in Australasia though as it deals with the starters and rennet that we have available.

The first cheese I made was the Mozzarella - lightning speed.
Here are the instructions. You can double click on the picture to get it bigger.
And here are some pictures to help explain each step.
Then the Feta.
I realized that unless you have made cheese before or have your own book like this will all the instructions about starters, rennet, cutting the curd and hooping - you probably won't be able to follow the instructions. So if you really want to make cheese - get yourself a good book.
Then if you want to try a different recipe - you can give this one a go.

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