Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A red week

The week started with a beautiful sunny day. Hannah especially loves making soups and other dishes with sand, plants and toys. SO much fun.

Hezekiah enjoyed some time outside with them too.

Three youngest in red.

Hezekiah is up on his knees now and rocks. It won't be long before he is crawling.
Monday also saw the builders finishing up their part of the garage work.
So the garage is up, doors dropped and the whole structure more stabilized. We now need to get some paint for the new sections and wait for the garage door people to come and fit that.
You can also see the Autumn effect on the grape vine over the last week. Quite a change.
The girls are really diligent about practicing their ballet every day. Rachel was helping Ruth on Tuesday to learn her dance.
And today Hezekiah had us all laughing hysterically as he discovered a funny way to pull his face. I know it looks like he may be saying "no more food" but he did actually continue to eat. I think he just enjoyed the wonderful reaction he was getting from the females in the house. :-)
And finally I have some photos of the regular rough and tumble sessions I have with him. Ever since he was little I would throw him around on the bed, tickling and playing and he just loves it.

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