Thursday, May 10, 2012

Harold the Giraffe

Today the 4 year olds got invited to see Harold the Giraffe. The Life Education bus drives around the country teaching children in a fun way.
Ruth leaned over to me and said quietly "I know it's just her arm". :-)
The children got to help build a puzzle of a body on the wall. Hannah even got to go up twice.
And right at the end Hannah got to help again by taking these books to give to all the children. Harold held on to them though - until she said "please can I have them".
It was perfectly suited for the 4 year olds. Hopefully next year I can find out when the then 6 and 12 years olds have a lesson so that Ruth and Rachel can join them.
The whole group (excluding Rachel who was just a quiet spectator like the mums).

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