Friday, April 20, 2012

Autmn week

Photos from Tuesday - a cooler day but bundled up they can still play outside.

I wanted to get a video of Hezekiah in this before we return it to the toy library on Friday. He got a little shy with the camera coming out - normally he just keeps bouncing and bouncing and bouncing.
On Friday it was just lovely outside - so back into summer clothes for everyone. A typical Autumn week - you don't know what you will get from one day to the next.
At 6 1/2 months Hezekiah is sitting really nicely.
And is thinking about the whole crawling thing too. He has definitely started to get his bottom up lately - so it's coming along. He gets around enough though and can move from one side of the room to the other so quickly.

He already loves playing with balls and learnt so quickly how to "throw". It's so cute to see the little hands and feet going.
And another new things is bath time with sisters. Up till now he has bathed with me. We tried it with Ruth for the first time this week and they had such a fun time together.
I have noticed a few times over the last few weeks that people will mention that their babies do NOT like bath time. I realize that we have NEVER bathed ANY of our children in a baby's bath. They have always bathed with one of us. I remember that the house mother at the baby home had told us Ruth did not like bath time - but from her very first bath with us she enjoyed it. So to all the parents out there - take baby into the bath with Mom or Dad. Just make sure it's not too hot for them - and I am sure they will enjoy it a lot more.

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