Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rest and play day

After our very full day yesterday it was good to have a nice quiet day at home again today. We had been invited to a play – so at 10am (as advertised) we headed to the shaded seats to watch the Buckland production of The Wizard of Oz.

We even had programmes which told us what to expect in the story.
The opening scene.

The back of the programme had a list of all the characters and actresses.
Ruth did a wonderful job as the tin man.
The story was adjusted a little bit so that it worked with just 3. The witch (Hannah) had tied Dorothy (Rachel) up but the tin man (Ruth) came in with his axe and killed the witch.
The good fairy (Ruth) then helped Dorothy use her shoes to get home.
And a wonderful finale.
In the afternoon Nana played a game of dominoes with the older girls. We really must try get a game of triominoes (that Graham introduced us to).
Late afternoon helper watering the garden.

Older girls enjoying some colouring in time before bed. A nice quiet day to just catch up.

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