Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Hannah

Sunday morning started with presents and singing for Hannah. Nana had sent all the children's birthday cards back with us (postage from SA is so unreliable - Ruth's birthday card never even arrived last year) and Gogo had sent presents for each of them. So it was lovely for her to have something from them both.
We got a LOAD of toys with the play house and quickly put the two boxes of toys aside when the house arrived. Hannah got her box of toys for her birthday and was SO excited about all the things she has for Rose Cottage. Clever little Ruth spotted the 2nd box (same type of box) in my bedroom and asked "is this my birthday present"? Well - at least the contents will be a surprise. :-)
Brendon was working this morning so it was a rather quiet morning. Rachel and Ruth played with Hezekiah outside so that Hannah and I could bake her cake. We had such a lovely time together. She listened so well to my instructions and learnt quickly so that she could control the mixer's speed "all on her own".
And she was absolutely thrilled when I said she could wash the dishes. When her sisters came in she said "I'm 4 now - so I can wash the dishes."

Hezekiah had his first "horse ride" in the evening. His smiles and laughing is contagious - what a blessing.

On Monday morning Hannah and I iced her cake. She was so excited about how it turned out.

Rachel was especially impressed with my icing sausages and eggs.

Only a small birthday party this year with just Katie and Olivia (and the younger Spencer boys). Unfortunately the weather was not wonderful - but they still got to spend time playing in "Rose Cottage".
Hannah was very excited about showing everyone her cake and telling them how she helped make it. And it was nice for Ruth to have Caleb visiting - the two of them get along so well.
I actually had some "off cuts" that I had iced up and used on Monday so we still had the whole cake to take to play centre on Tuesday. So Hannah got to blow her candles out again - and we got to share the cake with all the children (and mothers) and play centre.
Hannah had a wonderful morning playing with her friends. I had to laugh when I saw her IN the baby's cot.

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