Sunday, March 4, 2012

5 months and last day in SA

Well - one day late - but a good opportunity to take photos of Hezekiah at 5 months and another of our monthly "children-sitting-by-age" photo.
Such a happy boy. And what a great bib someone gave us when he was just a little baby. Especially as this trip was planned before he was born.
A good time to get some updated photos too. Brendon's neice Tracey with her daughter Caylin and viancee Charles. Unfortunately Dave and Michael had to work. So although we did get to have a visit with Joan - her other half was not there for a new photo. Trevor and Liezel also had last minute change to plans and so were not able to make it either.
Grandpa and Nana - Brendon's parents.
Oupa Jimmy and Gogo - my parents (below to the right). The story behind their names is a nice one. My Dad's Dad was also James and so when he became a Grandfather he became Oupa Jimmy (even though he was British as my Dad's mother was Afrikaans and she was Ouma Joy).
So when Rachel was born I said to my Dad "you are Oupa Jimmy now." It was really special for my Dad and I - what wonderful memories it brought back.
Well - my mother was sure to let us know she was not going to be called Ouma. With her being Scottish we said that was fine - she could be Granny. So the plan was Granny and Oupa and then Grandpa and Nana. Brendon's mother was happy to be called Nana - so we had it all worked out. Gillian wanted to tease my mother and so said  she should be called Gogo - the African name for Granny. And guess what - it stuck. I remember the first card that my Mom signed for Rachel for Rachel and wrote "Gogo" - we knew she was happy with it and it has ended up being really special.
And this time the family photo came out really nicely. Thanks Nana.

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