Monday, January 16, 2012

Swim week begins

We had our first recycling collection this morning and we had loads of boxes to leave out for them. It's been good to see boxes being unpacked so quickly. They did not take the box with all the Styrofoam in - but we can get that picked up with the rubbish tomorrow. It was great to finally throw away all the boxes that we had kept for specific items (like computers, TV, DVD player, hifi, microwave and other kitchen appliances). I am glad we had all the proper boxes as it made it safe to move the items.
Brendon is so pleased to finally be in his own home though and so is thrilled to finally throw them all out.
It was quite chilly this morning and when I went to put the stuff out I realized why. There had even been a dusting of snow on the mountains overnight.
This is the view down our street into the centre of Hawarden (with the mountains in the background).
Ruth was up early this morning and helped me take out the recycling things. She also then spent some time outside - just enjoying the nice warm morning. I love watching the girls with their imaginary play when they don't know I am watching. Hannah was sleeping late - so she had some time just on her own which was nice.
At 10:45 we were due at the swimming pool for Ruth and Hannah's lessons. We missed swim week last year as we did not register the girls early enough. So although Rachel missed it this year with being at Jamboree Ruth has been so excited about it. She is tall enough to be in the "big pool" this year and I know she is going to do really well.
Hannah had a great start to the week. She was thrilled that Katie was in the same group as her.
Hannah did really well and was even blowing bubbles for her teacher. Unfortunately the last thing the teacher wanted to try today was to get the children to hold the board on the front and lie (supported) on their back. Hannah freaked out and would not stop crying. What a pity to have such a good lesson end so unhappily.
The girls went exploring more of the garden this afternoon. They found some cauliflower growing in the hot house and even had a little nibble (I could smell it on their breath).

Alby popped over after work today to help Brendon move some of the bigger furniture items into the house. I needed to make sure they could easily get to where the items needed to go so I put Hezekiah in this stroller and the girls kept him happy while I helped the men. He loves being outside and the girls loved pushing him around.

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