Thursday, December 8, 2011

Busy Birthday

We did not have anything special planned for today but ended up getting a call from the bank to find out if we could see them this afternoon. So Rachel had a turn at keeping Hezekiah happy for a while so that I could get everything ready for our last minute trip out (even though it's only 1/2 an hour away). We had a lovely afternoon together. After the bank we popped in at the dairy so the girls could have an ice-cream. Then we spent some time at the library (we don't often get into the Amberley library which is much bigger than our local one). On the way home we bought fish and chips and did our now traditional fish and chips picnic on the lounge floor.
I got so many lovely messages on face book and chatted to both my mom and sister. I spent quite a bit of time today just looking at my children and thanking God for His wonderful blessings in my life.

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