Friday, October 21, 2011

Synchronised gardening?

One of the great things about summer are the beautiful long days. This allows Brendon to start earlier in the day (when the sun comes up) which means he is home earlier. He can even be home by 3pm which is wonderful. He has some afternoon tea and then on a lovely day like this he can even get some gardening done. I just love these two photos. Is there such a thing as synchronised gardening. :-)

Hezekiah enjoying a nap. He won't fit in here for very long.
This afternoon and evening we were glad we had not gone to camp as Hezekiah got sick - twice - soaking all his clothes. That would not have been nice to deal with on the road or at camp.
Such a sweet little thing. I do hope his tummy will settle down soon. I was able to buy some colic powder yesterday and we are hoping that will help.
Even though it was still holidays today and there was no Music and Movement
- we still popped out to return items to the toy library and look for something more. The girls were thrilled with this stable. As the horse had a saddle they decided to try and find someone to ride it. They ended up bringing the barbies down and they had a wonderful time playing together before bed.

Tiger things Hezekiah's car seat is a wonderful place to sit.

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